DeLorme Vehicle GPS Software & Maps

DeLorme Car GPS Software and Maps

Going on vacation to a new place or looking for some assistance with navigation around town? DeLorme car GPS software and maps track the drivers movement and sync with the navigation software on a Windows desktop or laptop. Find all the Windows GPS software and navigation instruction manuals that are needed as part of this comprehensive collection.

What are the benefits of a GPS?

With the advent of GPS technology, paper maps are things of the past. Track the location instantly anywhere in any state in the country with this advanced navigation technology. Used by scientific institutions and the military for decades, GPS map technology is also available to average consumers, who can benefit from this technological advancement anytime they get behind the wheel of a car. Many of these gadgets can also connect to a desktop or laptop.

How does a GPS work?

A global positioning system is a type of electronic gadget that connects to an orbital satellite to track the user’s location on a map. A nearly instantaneous signal is sent between the satellite and the GPS receiver, informing the device of the persons exact location. This allows the individual to track his or her location anywhere on the planet.

Can you use Street Atlas software with a Windows computer?

While some GPS systems include the ability to connect to a Windows computer or laptop for data transfer, DeLorme takes it one step further with their Street Atlas USA software for Windows. Street Atlas USA features detailed maps and atlases of the entire United States right on a laptop. This comprehensive atlas software can also connect to and load information on a handheld GPS. When used in combination, Street Atlas USA and a compatible handheld device are a way to determine a position anywhere in the U.S.

How do you install a DeLorme GPS in your car?

Unlike other kinds of GPS navigation systems that fit directly into a car’s dashboard, DeLorme GPS systems are handheld, which can be convenient since a handheld gadget can be taken in and out of a car with ease and can help someone track themselves on foot in an urban environment. To use DeLorme GPS navigation software, the user will need to have either a handheld device made by this company or a compatible Windows mobile device with the right application installed. Windows mobile systems use a special plug-in accessory to connect to GPS satellites.

How do you update your GPS software application version?

The easiest way to update the GPS receiver is to get the most up-to-date version of the application. New roads and buildings are being built all the time, so its important to have software that includes new developments. Depending on the software version, free navigation upgrades are sometimes available to bridge the gap between new releases. To update the handheld electronic map, connect it to a computer and download the relevant application.

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