DVI-I Dual Link Male to Male Monitor Computer Cables and Adapters

DVI-I Adapters and Accessories with Male-to-Male Elements for Computer Hardware

A DVI-I monitor adapter is an accessory that processes video to a screen. A typical connector piece has multiple pins that connect to the ports that are found on a flat panel display, such as male-to-male monitor cables and adapters. These cords can be used with updated and classic equipment that has a DVI output port.

What are the male-to-male cable adapter options?

Cable connector adapters for monitors are designed with hardware that processes signals in various ways. The main connector cord options include:

  • AV adapter/converter cables: AV adapters can be used with a variety of products that have a display screen. You can connect one of these accessories to a monitor, phone, television, or projector. Because there are many AV adapter/converter options, you must select a product that has the ability to convert a signal to a format that suits your needs. Some cords can convert a VGA signal to HDMI, and certain accessories can modify an HDMI signal so that a monitor can process a VGA format.
  • DVI-I cables: Digital visual interface (DVI) cables are used to process a signal thats generated by a video source. Most DVI-I cables can connect to equipment that has a video display controller. These cables can also transmit a signal from a traditional monitor that has a proper port.
  • VGA/SVGA cables: VGA cables are designed with three rows that feature 15 pins. These pins transmit a signal to monitors, video cards, televisions, and projectors. SVGA cords have the same design scheme and can be used with general electronic products.
What are the DVI-I cable lengths and product brands?

The shortest products have a cable thats 1 foot 4 feet long. Accessories that are manufactured for equipment that requires more stack are 5 feet to 9 feet. Cords that are slighter longer than the mid-range varieties are typically 10 feet to 19 feet long, and the longest cable options are 25 feet in length. There are only a couple main brands that make DVI-I cables for monitors and other equipment. Many generic brand manufacturer various cable pieces for different devices as well.

What does a cable connector attach to an electronic product?

DVI-I cables are designed with two screws that are mounted on the edge of the housing. After a cable is mounted on a docking port, the screws secure the housing and pins in place. When the screws are rotated counterclockwise, they release the grip so that the housing can be removed.