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Current USA Aquarium Lighting and Bulbs

Current USA provides different types of aquarium lighting. From freshwater LED to marine LED, these options are suitable for a variety of aquatic situations.

What types of lighting does Current make?

Current designs several types of aquatic lighting, including:

  • Satellite Freshwater LED - These dialed-in features are designed specifically for freshwater environments. Users have complete control over color modes, giving them the ability to create a vivid aquatic environment. These lights come with effects modes as well, like cloud cover, lunar light, and lightning.
  • Orbit Marine LED - These fixtures are 24-hour lighting solutions for saltwater reef aquariums. They have many dynamic lighting aspects. The Orbit Marine line also allows users to create customized light schedules, which run all day long and include features like weather effects and simulated sunrise options.
  • TrueLumen RetroFit LED - These bright LED strips use less power than traditional lighting, and can be used for planted, reef, saltwater, and freshwater aquariums. They are available in a variety of color spectrums and lengths.
What features do these lights have?

Current's LED options come with a variety of features. They include:

  • Wired and wireless remotes - These light fixtures come with remotes that control everything from dimming features to lunar light modes. Some LEDs have wired remotes, which get plugged into the lights, and others have wireless remotes, which operate all settings.
  • Natural rhythmic light cycles - Many of these LEDs can be programmed to mimic a natural light cycle, going from sunrise to sunset and moonlighting within a 24-hour period.
  • Easy installation - Current LED lights have sliding docking legs, which makes installation simple. They can also be combined with additional lights, all controllable via one remote, and don't require additional supplies for setup.
  • Safety first - Current designs these lighting options with safety in mind. They have low electrical voltage, which makes them ideal for use in aquatic settings.
  • Slow ramp-up - Too much brightness too fast can disrupt the daily life cycle of fish and other aquatic dwellers. These lights are designed to reach maximum brightness slowly, which gives fish time to acclimate to the new lighting situation.
  • Multiple effects - These lights have a myriad of lighting modes, including fade modes, storm modes, and dusk modes.
What items are included in these lighting kits?

Most of these kits include:

  • LED fixture
  • Remote control
  • 12-Volt DC UL transformer
  • Adjustable docking mounts
  • A datasheet with instructions on lighting use
How much voltage power do these lights have?

These lights combine low power levels with maximum intensity. Most of these IP65-rated LEDs have a voltage of 12.

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