Equipo de croquet

Croquet Equipment

Croquet is a game that's played outdoors by families, friends, and serious players alike. Croquet sets are made for specialized use by professional-level croquet players as well as family and recreational croquet sets intended for fun. From the croquet stand to the croquet balls, there are many pieces of equipment that go into a complete croquet set.

How many pieces of equipment make up a croquet set?

There are generally four pieces of croquet equipment necessary to play, plus a stand or bag for storage. Croquet can be played by two, four, or six players. Croquet equipment includes the following:

  • Croquet balls: For one or two players, four balls are enough, but when there are six players, you'll need six croquet balls. In a four-ball game, there are two sides. One uses the blue and black balls, and the other uses the red and yellow balls. There are two configurations for a six-ball match. If there are two sides in a six-ball game, the colors are blue, black, and green against red, yellow, and orange. For three teams of two, the team colors are blue and yellow, red and green, and black and orange.
  • Mallets: To accommodate a six-player game, you will need six wood mallets.
  • Wood stakes: Two 18-inch painted wood stakes, which either end of the court.
  • Wickets: Nine U-shaped wickets, made of copper, cast iron, or steel.
  • Storage: A croquet stand, carry bag, and storage box are all available options.
What is the object of the game?

To win, you must hit your croquet balls through the course of six hoops in the right sequence, and you end the game by hitting your croquet balls against the center peg.

Are there important croquet terms to know?

The more you play, the more fluently you'll speak croquet, but there are certain terms and expressions that convey a specific meaning to the game. Some of these terms will also provide insight into how the game is played.

  • Roquet: When a player hits another player's croquet ball with their own.
  • Split shot: When the two croquet balls involved in the shot go in different directions.
  • Jump shot: By striking a ball downwards, it can be made to jump. The goal is to jump over another player's ball.
  • Rover: A rover is a ball that has scored all the hoops, and the only thing left is to hit the peg.