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Costa Del Mar Men's Sunglasses

Florida-based brand Costa Del Mar offers many styles of men's sunglasses, including a variety of frame and lens combinations in numerous colors.

What is a polarized lens?

Polarized sunglasses are designed to protect eyes not only from direct UV rays but glare that reflects off of various surfaces as well. These lenses contain a specialized filter that has small vertical fibers meant to reduce reflection from horizontal light waves and offer clearer vision when outdoors. Sunglasses can be polarized to varying degrees, but Costa Del Mar claims to offer sunglasses that are 100% polarized.

What is the difference between polarized plastic and polarized glass?

Costa Del Mar's men's sunglasses are polarized using one of these two materials. Both polarized lenses are designed to cut glare equally but differ in some ways that you might want to consider when looking to buy a pair of glasses. These differences include:

  • Plastic: The Costa Del Mar plastic lenses are generally more lightweight and created to be more shatter resistant.
  • Glass: This Costa Del Mar option offers a clearer lens than the plastic alternative and are less likely to be scratched.

How do you choose the right size sunglasses?

Costa Del Mar offers sunglasses that come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. These sizes measure the width of the frame. The size that you choose will depend on how you like the sunglasses to fit on your face. Costa Del Mar provides specifications for each of its sunglasses to help you achieve the desired fit.

What lens color options are available?

In addition to a lineup of various frame styles and shades, Costa Del Mar provides seven different lens colors for its sunglasses, which are designed to perform in varying light conditions.

  • Blue Mirror: These are designed to be suitable for open water as they are meant to help protect against the reflection off the water.
  • Green Mirror: These are an option for high contrast in bright sunlight and for fishing.
  • Gray Silver Mirror: This is a choice for everyday activities on land and on water as these glasses were designed for both sunny and cloudy conditions.
  • Copper Silver Mirror: These glasses are an option for numerous activities in varying light.
  • Gray: This choice offers a natural contrast.
  • Copper: Another option for a range of activities, from driving to sailing in variable light.
  • Sunrise Silver Mirror: This selection is designed to be used at dusk and during sunrise and sunset.