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Frequently Asked Questions About a Cooler Master Computer Thermal Compound Paste

Without fresh thermal compound between your heatsink and processor, your computer system can become unstable and perform poorly due to overheating. Other components like graphics cards also use thermal compounds in their assembly to help assist their heatsink when controlling temperatures. Cooler Master thermal compound paste can help make sure that your computer components have what they need to stay cool.

How can Cooler Master thermal compound paste be used?

If you are installing a new processor or even replacing the central processing unit (CPU) heatsink and fan combination, a new drop of thermal compound between the two components is often a necessity. A processor without cooling paste between it and the heatsink is likely to overheat because there is not enough heat conductivity without it.

In addition to processors, the thermal paste may also be used in a graphics card with built-in heatsinks and fan combinations. Although not always necessary or recommended, some users may disassemble a graphics processing unit (GPU) and apply their own paste simply because they prefer the level of cooling it provides when compared to the existing setup.

What varieties of Cooler Master thermal paste are there?

Cooler Master thermal paste varieties often come in a small and convenient syringe that can be squeezed carefully to get just the right amount of thermal compound on your CPU or GPU. However, some varieties can also be sold in a tub that can be used to refill a used syringe.

Although all thermal paste works in about the same way, there may be a 0- to 35-degree Fahrenheit difference in performance and heat conductivity between the different Cooler Master varieties. Check the manufacturer site for details about products and their level of heat conductivity. Some of the varieties include:

  • MasterGel Series: MasterGel, MasterGel Pro, and MasterGel Maker
  • Extreme Fusion X1
  • IC Essential E1 and E2
  • IC Value V1
  • Thermal Fusion 400
How do you apply Cooler Master thermal paste on CPUs?

Whether you are putting together a completely new computer or are simply removing the heatsink or processor from the installation site, you will need to apply new thermal paste. The old paste (if there is any) should be removed completely before applying new paste, which you can do by simply sliding the edge of a razor blade underneath it. It may also be easier to remove old paste if it has had a chance to heat up prior to your attempt. To apply new thermal paste:

  1. Step 1: With the processor exposed but already installed in its socket on the motherboard, pull the cap off of your paste applicator.
  2. Step 2: Line the tip of the paste applicator in the center of the top of the processor.
  3. Step 3: Squeeze a small, pea-sized ball of the thermal compound onto the top center of the processor.
  4. Step 4: Line the CPU heatsink carefully onto the processor in its correct position and place it down on top of the paste.
  5. Step 5: Secure the heatsink down on the processor and wipe excess paste away from the seal.
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