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The Power and Performance of a Sterndrive Outdrive

The sterndrive outboard motor has been the standard of many boat people for decades. Easy to start and maneuver, the engine gives its users close control over where their craft goes in the water. And, as marine technology has advanced, so has the sterndrive, with many models available in this eBay category.

What is a sterndrive system?

Rather than being placed midship like some inboard engines, the sterndrive marine propulsion system sits on the transom, the flat surface at the stern of the boat. Meanwhile, the outboard unit is set on the exterior of the boats hull.

What are the advantages of a sterndrive?

The main advantages include:

  • Power - Placing a 510-horsepower system on a small fishing boat can get the owner to their destination much quicker.
  • Flexibility - When the engine is not in use, it can be removed from the water. In the winter, the unit can be completely removed and stored away.
Do sterndrives vary for different boat models?

Yes. As the size of the craft grows, so does the power of the motor. For example, if you try to run a big cruiser with a 135-horsepower engine, it would be a slow trip to your destination. So, those types of sterndrive units feature high-torque engines for more thrust.

A bigger engine can actually be used on a smaller craft. However, in order to do this, a thicker transom is required to handle the larger engine and increased power. If this cant be done on the existing marine craft, then you can upgrade it with one of the many choices on eBay, or maintain the existing motor until the time is right.

Is it easy to swap out and repair this motor?

It is definitely much easier than swapping out an inboard. Basically, you remove the older model from the transom and replace it with the new version. Many boat owners do this as time goes on, in order to get the right one for their needs. Repairs are also less expensive. A licensed repair shop can make the necessary fixes or recommend a new piece of equipment. Affordable sterndrive motors can be found on eBay.