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How to Shop for Notebooks and Laptops

Shopping for a new computer means becoming familiar with and mulling through many makes and models before you find the one that suits you. Now a subsidiary of HP, Compaq Presario laptops and netbooks feature a Microsoft Windows operating system, HP support and long-lasting quality. With several different models and types available, there's bound to be a portable computer that's perfect for your needs.

Which Computer Is Better for My Needs?

If you're a first-time computer buyer, or you're doing some restructuring of your home or office, there are few things to think about before you even decide what type of computer to buy. Desktop computers are often good choices for:

  • Those who are building networks. If you're building an in-home network or infrastructure, desktop devices and their included hardware is the better option.
  • Those who plan to upgrade. Adding extra features, such as RAM or peripherals, works better on a desktop.
  • If you don't compute and travel often. If most of your work or schoolwork is done in your home and you don't need to travel often with a computer, a desktop may be better.

Laptop options are optimal for:

  • Those who desire portability. Smaller computers, such as netbooks, are great if you need to travel from work to home, or home to school, and need access to a full screen on the fly.
  • Those who are saving space. Networks and desktops can take up quite a bit of space in the home office or family room, while a smaller device saves floor and desk space.
  • Gamers. Many newer models have HD features and large hard drives that make gaming more enjoyable.

What Features Should I Consider When Choosing a Laptop?

If you've decided on the smaller device, there are a few things you should look for to make sure it's a good fit:

  • Hard drive: Make sure you choose a unit that has enough space for music, movies and files. Hard drives should also be large enough to be partitioned and you also want to create a recovery drive with recovery discs.
  • RAM: More memory equates to smoother, better graphics although many devices allow you to upgrade and add more RAM.
  • Windows: Make sure you choose a device that has an upgradable version of Windows (Windows 7 is often a good starting point, or even consider Windows 7 Home Premium).

What are Compaq Specific Features?

When it comes to Compaq Presario specific models, there are a few select features of note:

  • Generous screen size: Many models include a 15.6-inch screen size, which is often a very comfortable monitor when you're travelling, as it's not too small but not too large.
  • Intel Celeron processors: Many Compaq computers come complete with solid, Intel processors.
  • Windows 7: Many Compaq models have Windows 7 pre-installed; it may be Windows Professional or Windows Home Premium. All are upgradable options.

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