Commercial Beer Drip Drain Pans

American beer brewery enthusiasts and commercial servers understand the importance of properly functioning commercial beer drip pans. This highly visible component can be both decorative and functional in a commercial establishment or home brewery. It collects the overflow of beer, soda, water, or another beverage.

What are drip pans?

Beer drip drain pans keep your home brewery or commercial brewery clean and protected from any spills of beer, soda, or water that may drip from the taps. Drip pans can make a world of difference in the overall efficiency, service, and cleanliness of your home brewery or commercial establishment. Drip drain pans come in stainless steel, chrome, or brass. The different types of drip drain pans available include

  • Countertop
  • Drop-in
  • Wall-mounted
  • Removable
  • Stationary
How do they work?

Each type of drain works differently. Wall-mounted drains sit against a wall while countertop drip pans sit on top of a counter. A drop-in requires cutting out a portion of the countertop surface. With a removable version, liquid collects in the tray bottom and holds it until you or the bartender empties it. Stationary versions like those used in restaurants, commercial breweries, or pubs, divert the fluid into a drain or reservoir.

How are drip pans properly used?

Drip pans stay secure under the draft faucets of your draft tower. Many commercial beer drip drain pans come with a built-in grill, which allows you or a bartender to set down glasses or mugs that may have beer or soda running down the side. The liquid stays contained. This helps you or a bartender avoid setting them on previously spilled fluids. This can help keep the serving area clean and dry and may result in less time spent wiping the bar area.

How do you select the right size?

Selecting a drain that fits and works properly is important for a clean and safe commercial business or home brewery. The necessary size of your drain depends on several factors. You want to consider the configuration of the draft tower and the number of faucets. You can estimate the length by lining up pint glasses underneath each faucet as if you are getting ready to fill them. Take the total measurement from the mouth of the first glass to the last glass, and then add two inches to that number. This is the length of the needed tray. However, you may want to choose a slightly larger model to make certain your home brewery or commercial brewery has fewer spills to clean.