Clear Heels for Women

Clear Heels for Women

Clear heels for women offer many fashion options when it comes to footwear. These uniquely styled heels can be dressed up or dressed down. They are available for women of all ages and sizes, from platform to stiletto.

What types of clear heels are there?

Clear heeled shoes can be found in nearly every type of heel available. While some heels are clear everywhere, each style may have different areas of where the clear material is. A few examples of clear heeled shoes include the following:

  • Peep toe clear heels: Peep toe heels generally have a strap across the foot but are open around the toes. They are good for showing a pop of color after a pedicure. The entire shoe can be transparent, or simply the heel, upper, sole, or any combination of those pieces.
  • Platform high heels: Platform heels have a platform underneath the ball of the foot in addition to the heel. They also usually feature a strap across the upper or around the ankle. With clear platform heels, the heel, platform, or the entire shoe can be transparent. Some even feature rhinestones on transparent straps that gives them an elegant finishing touch.
  • Lace-up high heels: These heeled shoes incorporate laces that are designed to go around the ankle or up the calf. As clear heels, you can find them with simply a transparent upper or a transparent heel, and sometimes you can find that both parts are clear.
  • High heel boots: Most transparent heel boots have a leather or faux leather upper. The clear portion is usually just the heel piece; however, you may be able to find them with clear uppers.
What are the features of clear high heels?

You may be wondering why someone would choose clear high heels. There are actually several benefits to this type of shoe.

  • Easy to clean: Clear plastic can be much easier to clean than other materials. You can simply wipe off dirt or debris and be on your way.
  • Create an illusion: From a distance, a clear heel can give the illusion that you do not have shoes on, or that you are simply walking on your heel without your foot being held in place. Clear high heels are also a match for many costumes.
  • Aesthetics: Many women prefer to use clear high heels because of how they look. With rhinestones, they can be dressed up and paired with different colors on a shoe, and clear heels can provide a unique or sexy look.