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Selecting Clear Cases and Covers for Your iPhone 6 Phone

Clear cases not only match with everything, they allow the viewer to see through to the back of the phone, which showcases the device's natural hardware. Clear cases for your iPhone, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6S phone come with a variety of different features and embellishments. Caring for a clear case periodically can help it to retain its look.

What features are available?

A variety of different features are available on clear cases and covers for iPhone 6 phones. There are drop protection features, features to protect the screen, accessories for ease of use, and so on. Some options for the iPhone 6 case are:

  • Clips: Clips mount to the back of the case to allow the phone to attach to a belt loop, pocket, or the inside of a bag for a little extra security or organization.
  • Screen protectors: Screen protectors are most common in housing cases, which is a style that encompasses the entire device, front, and back.
  • Shockproof: Clear plastic blankets on the front of the phone minimize the probability of scratches and damage. Often, these types of cases also have a layer crafted from gel or silicone that serves to absorb shock.
  • Waterproofing: Waterproofing is also common in clear housing cases due to the flaps, screws, and buttons that cover open ports and jacks, making it difficult for moisture to penetrate the case.
  • Water resistance: Depending on the materials involved, other case types may be water-resistant, meaning that moisture cannot be absorbed through the case to the device. Kickstands pop away from the lower rear of the case to create an angle that supports the device, meaning that it can stand alone on most hard surfaces.
  • Kkickstands: If you are utilizing a recipe from the internet to cook dinner and have hands covered in cooking ingredients, this may be a desirable setup.
  • Card pockets: Card pockets house any sort of ID, payment, or store cards for quick access.
What designs are available?

Clear cases for Apple iPhone 6 phones come in a variety of different looks with different embellishments, including images, patterns, metallic accents, glitter, fluid, jewels, and tone-on-tone decoration. Patterns may be in different colors or tone-on-tone. Glitter and fluids are often put into the middle layer of clear cases so that when the case moves, the contents do as well. Jewels in various colors and sizes may adorn the back of a clear case. Designs come in styles like wallet cases or flip cases. Images are often in the form of characters and include choices like:

  • Blade
  • Hello Kitty
  • Naruto
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Blue
Which materials are utilized to make these cases?

Leather, metals, plastics, silicone, gel, rubber, and synthetic leather are all options for clear cases. Leathers can be used for wallet cases while slim cases are often made from plastic. Leather, synthetic leather, and metals may also be used as accents across the bumpers or back of a clear case. Additionally, buttons may be covered in silicone, gel, or rubber. These materials may also be utilized as a shock absorbent layer inside the case.