Chenille Sofás, sillones y sofás

Tips for Buying Chenille Furniture for Your Home

The versatile and durable chenille fabric is a standard option for upholstery on sofas, chaise lounges, seat covers, coaches, and love seats. The material provides a range of styles in both budget-friendly and luxury varieties of living room sets. The term refers to the weave of natural or polyester yarns spun into unique patterns.

What Are the Advantages of Chenille Furniture?

Chenille, which translates to caterpillar from French, mimics the quality of the bug's furry and cushioned texture. Some advantages include:

  • Durability: The tight weave of the material's pile makes this a great options for frequently used furniture items. Look out for a more tightly knit, short weave on a chenille sofa or chair, as this will remain more durable over time.
  • Versatility: The range of weave options and coloring means that its style works well in many different rooms. Whether acting an accent piece in a modern room or playing a main role in an old-fashioned, romantic room, the plush nature of the fabric makes quite a statement.
  • Affordability: Though comparable to velvet, chenille sofas and chairs are often sold at lower prices with a wide range of styles and levels of quality.

What Type of Seating is Upholstered With Chenille?

This adaptable material works on a range of living room seating options and styles, from sofas to sectional.

  • Luxury Sets: When creating a dramatic, classic look in a living room, low-pile chenille creates the tufted softness and sheen of fabric on sofas and chaises. Wooden accents complement the plush cushions and accent pillows.
  • Modern Sectionals: Combinations of chenille sofas and chair lounges also come in a more geometric modern style. Polyester chenille makes them easier to clean while remaining soft and padded.
  • Love Seats: Along with similarly small accent furniture, this fabric can add a unique pop of color or style on a love seat, sofa bed, or set of cushions.

How Do I Care for Chenille Upholstery?

Though more complex to clean than other materials, there are some solutions for keeping your cushions looking new and fresh.

  • Keep Out of the Sun: Direct sun from nearby windows can fade your upholstery material over time. This creates uneven patches of faded color.
  • Clean with Upholstery Brush: When bits of dirt or food fall onto the sofa, use a soft brush for this type of fabric to gently remove the dried debris.
  • Delicate Cleaning Solution: A particularly delicate fabric, be sure to use dye-free and mild soap or detergent to spot clean chenille sofas and cushions. Be gentle as you work the fabric as to not disturb the natural weave of the yarn.