How to Find the Perfect Micro USB Cable

A micro USB cable for your cell phone can charge your phone and connect it to external peripherals. Regardless of the kind of connection you need, there are many affordable micro USB cables to choose from on eBay.

Which phones are compatible with the micro USB cable?

Many phones are compatible with the micro USB cable. Below is a list of some compatible brands and the adapters they use that are available on eBay:

  • Anker: You can find single or bulk micro USB cables for charging or syncing your Anker phone or device. Also, you can find micro USB to USB-C adapters for Anker when needed.
  • Apple: For iPhones, you can find micro USB to lightning cables and adapters. Also, Micro USB with 3-in-1 connectors will work with Apple.
  • LG: If you have an LG phone, you can find fast-charging micro USB cables for data and sync.
  • Samsung: For your Samsung Galaxy or another Samsung phone, there are micro USB cables with and without Type-C USB cable adapters as needed.
  • ZTE: If you have a ZTE phone, you can also find a compatible micro USB cable.
Which features are available in micro USB cables?

There are functional features and style features to consider when purchasing a micro USB cable. Below are a few features to consider:

  • Ergonomics: Right-angle micro USB cables are ergonomically designed to fit in tight places and make your cord more manageable.
  • LED: If you want to add some style to your charging experience, an LED micro USB cable can add a little light to your world.
  • Magnetic: A magnetic micro USB cable can insert into your phone and be easily unplugged magnetically. This can save the connector life on your phone and cable.
  • Material: There are cables made with braided, nylon, and metallic materials for added style and functionality.
  • Length: Micro USB cables come in many lengths, depending on your needs, starting at 1 foot and going up to 25 feet. Choose the right size for your charging needs.
What adapters are available with micro USB cables?

A standard micro USB charging cable will have a USB connector on one end and a micro USB on the other. However, there are some micro USB cables with additional adapters. The 3-in-1 cable will have a micro USB, Type-C USB, and a Lightning adapter. You can also find various combinations of features, materials, and adapters. 3M puts out a magnetic 3-in-1 micro USB connector, with a right angle ergonomic design, that is set in a braided turquoise material.