LCD Screen Replacement for Your Phone

A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a fragile and super thin computer monitor. It's the source of all images displayed on your phone. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the extent of your phone's damaged screen. Let's see the difference between a broken LCD screen and a damaged front screen and what you need to do to remedy the situation.

  • Front screen - is the glass screen that protects your LCD screen and enhances display and your viewing pleasure
  • LCD screen - Is the vital part of your device, which supplies the touch response function and improves your display features.
  • Front screen replacement - You only need this kind of replacement when you have a crack on your front screen; when everything else is functioning on your phone and lights up.
  • LCD screen repair - You know you need an LCD screen replacement when your phone is not lighting up, has blurred spots, or has some discolored areas on your touchscreen.
  • EOM touch digitizer screen glass replacement for Alcatel One Touch Idol - It's the part you need if the front glass on your phone is damaged and cracked or when the touchscreen is not responding to your input.

What is a screen digitizer?

It is the layer above the LCD screen that senses your touch. It's a device that converts analog signals into digital signals of your phone.

You should repair a cracked LCD screen immediately because it will eventually get worse, leading to more damage and increased cost of replacement.

How do you know your LCD screen is cracked?

If your touch screen is cracked, but all touch works and looks fine, then all you need is the glass replacement. However, if your touchscreen looks black and touch does not work well, then you will need an LCD replacement. Another way to know if your LCD is broken is to pull down the scroll bar, moving it back and forth on every side to see if the touchscreen works.

What's the difference between a digitizer and a touchscreen?

The term digitizer is interchangeable with the term touchscreen. You can also find a combined term, digitizer touch screen referring to a repair service.

Do you need to replace the digitizer or just the glass?

If the digitizer also known as a touch panel/ glass top is broken or cracked and the image under is still fine, then all you need is the touch panel/glass top.

However, if the top glass/ touch panel is broken and the LCD image is either cracked or black liquid, then you will have to replace a complete screen.

What items are needed for the Alcatel One Touch replacement screen?

  • You'll need a front cover and glass lens for a cracked screen,
  • If your screen doesn't respond to your touch, you'll need a screen digitizer and a replacement glass
  • If your screen has dead spots or no longer comes on, you need replacement LCD screens, digitizer assemblies, LCD screen plus full LCD screen assemblies with the frame.

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