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Cases and Covers for iPhone 5

A case or cover for an iPhone 5 can help protect against minor scratches and drops, and some may even come with a built-in screen protector. You can find cases and covers for the iPhone 5 in many colors such as pink, blue, black, and purple to name a few. You can also find cases and covers for the iPhone 5 with different finishes such as glossy, matte, clear, metallic, and patterned.

What are the different types of cases?

There are many different types of phone cases available for the iPhone 5. Different styles address different needs. Making a selection depends on the level of protection needed for the device. Some iPhone 5 case and cover categories are:

  • Fashion
  • Wallet
  • Clip
  • Battery case
  • Fitted skin
What are some available iPhone case features?

iPhone 5 cases and covers are created for various forms of style and protection. An OtterBox case is thick with a protruding lip around the edges of the phone. Fashion cases or covers are made of hard plastic for a thin, sleek look. Various features can be found.

  • Ring: Used as a kickstand for the phone as well as to hold when taking selfies.
  • Pocket: Provides a storage space for holding ID or a credit card.
  • Belt clip: Clip your phone to you or a bag.
How does the case fit on the iPhone?

The way the iPhone cases fit the iPhone 5 will depend on the type that is purchased. The description will disclose if there is one piece or multiple pieces, and how to put it on the device.

  • Shell: Protective cases often fit together like a clam shell, with two or more pieces that connect together around the phone.
  • Snap-on: Many are one-piece and clip onto the back of the iPhone.
  • Wrap around: Wallets will wrap around the smartphone as will vinyl skins.
What should you look for when shopping for a case?

Overall, cases are meant to provide different degrees of protection, while some also focus on style and visual appeal as well. The following should be taken into consideration when making a case or cover purchase for your device:

  • Type of iPhone case: Variables like hobbies, extra curricular activities, job location and travel patterns should all be taken into consideration when deciding on a case or cover. Carefully select an option that meets your protection needs.
  • Features: Review the features to make sure the case will fit your iPhone 5 and will provide the level of protection you want.
  • Design: Explore the designs and overall finishes of different cases and covers to be sure the case is something that will be usable and that you will not regret purchasing.
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