The Essential Guide to the Carbon Disc Wheel

If you're looking for a strong performance, then carbon disc wheels are a lightweight solution for your bike that are also strong and reliable. For many, this type of wheel replaces the standard aluminum box section rim, and it also has an aesthetic appearance that's unique. These types of wheels are also very aerodynamic, so you can experience extra benefits when trying to increase your speed and handling.

What is the advantage of a disk wheel over others?

Disc wheels are made of carbon fiber, which can be as hard as a diamond, and as a result, there's a lot of stability when riding on one of these rims. Additionally, the material is capable of being shaped in different ways, so there are shaping options for these, including disc wheel covers that will provide more aerodynamics on your rides.

Carbon fiber wheels offer unique opportunities in design

When you're using wheels that are made of carbon fiber, you also are provided several unique aesthetic options. Carbon fiber wheels can have:

  • Fewer spokes: There are wheel models on the market with as little 15 spokes in total, and due to the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber, this is enough to support the wheel even over rough terrain.
  • Carbon discs: Some of the most interesting carbon fiber wheels have a disc-like structure that eschews the spokes of a standard aluminum rim system. These are great for reducing drag.
  • Unique designs: With these types of wheel rim systems, you can also include images and decals on the disc so that you can stand out when riding.
What to look for in carbon disc wheel rims

There are a few features that you should consider when selecting new or used carbon disc wheel rims on eBay:

  • A wider rim: When you have a wider rim, you can ride with a lot more comfort. With carbon disc rims, you don't have to sacrifice wheel width for aerodynamics, so you can ride fast and feel bumps less.
  • Good crosswind management: Wheels that are aerodynamic don't necessarily prevent crosswinds from putting you off course. A good disc wheel cover will have a shallow design to prevent crosswinds from blowing you off course or knocking you down.
  • Versatility: If you're going to purchase a wheel rim of this type, it's a good idea for it to be versatile enough to fit most bike tires so that you won't have replacement issues.