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Wheel Center Caps for Saab

SAAB produces a wide range of passenger vehicles from executive cars to SUVs. Most of them have center caps on the wheels that can pop off or become damaged if you hit a rough patch of road. Fortunately, if youre on the search for replacement center caps, they can be found for most models.

What is the purpose of center caps on the SAAB?

The center caps on SAAB wheels serve two purposes. The most obvious function is that they give the car a polished appearance. They are the finishing touch for an attractive set of factory rims. Center caps also help protect the inner structures of the wheel from the dirt and grime that splatters up from the road. Keeping the bearings and hub nuts clean staves off corrosion and wear.

How do you choose the right SAAB center cap?

There are many different sizes and styles of center caps that have been used by SAAB over the years. This can make choosing the right fit for your vehicle confusing. The easiest way to be sure you’re getting the right part is to compare the part number. Most SAAB center caps have this number molded into the back of the cap.

What types of SAAB center caps are available?

A few examples of the more common center caps produced by SAAB include the following:

  • Blue emblem: Many of SAAB’s vehicles have a round cap with a dark blue background. The company’s emblem of a red griffin with a golden crown and the SAAB logo cover the face of the cap. There is often a double silver ring around the perimeter. The sides may be black or gray. The common size for this style is 62.5 millimeters or 2.5 inches. There are a couple of variations of this common type. Some wheel center caps have SAAB across the top, the griffin in the center, and SCANIA across the bottom. If your car has factory 17-inch BBS wheels, the center caps will be the blue emblem style, but they will be 70 millimeters, or 2.75 inches, in diameter.
  • Badge: A less common style is a round, colored disc with “SAAB” written large across the center. The disc may be blue or black. This type is found on some trim packages of the 9-3 and 9-5.
  • Silver disk: Some SAAB 900 and 9000 cars have larger round plates that may have fluted edges. They are typically silver and have the SAAB logo printed or stamped on the surface.
How do you replace center caps on a SAAB?

The wheels of the car must be removed so you can punch the caps out from the back. They have a metal clip that holds them securely and acts as a deterrent to theft. This usually won’t allow you to pull the caps out from the front. To install the new wheel center caps, push them in from the front until they snap into place.