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Porsche Wheel Center Caps

Porsche is known for luxury and style. From sporty convertibles to sleek crossovers, all their vehicles are accented with wheel center caps bearing the Porsche logo. If your Porsche has lost one of these parts, factory replacements are available for most models.

What is the purpose of wheel center caps?

At first glance, you may think center caps are just for looks. However, they finish off the wheels and give the car a polished appearance. The logo in the center serves as a reminder that the car is a prestigious brand. The center caps even help protect the wheel bearings and hub nuts from dirt and debris on the road. This reduces the chance of corrosion and damage.

How do you find a cap that fits your Porsche?

Porsche has manufactured many models of cars over many years. This means there is a wide variety of center caps that go with them. Although you can narrow down your choices by color and style, it’s easiest to work from the part number. You can find the part number on the back of the center cap.

What styles of center caps are available for Porsches?

There are two basic types of center caps: round and star-shaped. Most of the round ones are the same size, with a diameter of about 3 inches. Within each type, there are differences in color and finish. Some center cap options include:

  • Star-shaped: These center caps have five blunt, short arms extending from the center. They are silver with a colored or black crest in the center.
  • Round silver: Many of these have a concave face, and some have a raised rim. They all have the Porsche crest covering most of the face of the cap. The crest may be full-color or black and white. There is a chrome version of this cap that is specific to chrome wheels. Its logo is embossed.
  • Round titanium gray: Models with Turbo II wheels may have this gray center cap. It has either a colored or black and white crest.
  • Round black: Black wheel center caps may be either glossy or matte. Older models often have a gold rim and a full-color crest.
How do you replace Porsche center caps?

Many of the center caps have two small holes on either side of the emblem. You need the Porsche removal tool for these caps. Just insert the ends of the tool into the holes and pull the cap off.

If your center caps don’t have holes, you’ll have to remove the wheels. Once the Porsches wheels are off, you can push the caps out from the back. The handle of a hammer or other tool works great for this.

To install the new center caps, position them from the front and push until they snap into place. Install the caps with the point of the shield on the Porsche emblem pointing toward the valve stem.