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Wheel Center Caps for Lexus

One of the easiest and most eye-catching changes you can make to your Lexus, is by upgrading your vehicles wheel center caps. Whether you want to replace your Lexus center caps due to corrosion, disrepair, or personal preference, there are a variety of types and styles of wheel center caps for Lexus to choose from. Knowing what center caps are and how caps work can help you make an informed choice.

What is a wheel center cap?

A wheel center cap is a decorative disk that covers the center of your cars wheel. Originally, center caps simply protected the mechanisms of the wheel and hub area, especially the axle, from possibly damaging intrusions such as dirt, rocks, salt, or road debris. These center caps often cover parts of the wheel assembly such as the lug nuts or the wheel bearing. Although center caps were often made of stainless steel in the days of classic cars, caps now come in many different materials including metal and plastic.

How do wheel center caps improve your Lexus appearance?

Many wheel center caps for the Lexus not only cover the axle and protect the wheel and hub but also display the Lexus logo on the hub area. Whether you purchase a dramatic center cap in an eye-catching silver gear shape for your Lexus GS or go for the classic gunmetal gray background that makes your Lexus logo pop, stylish wheel center caps for your hubs can dramatically improve your vehicles look. Other options include specialized decals that cover over the center cap or dramatic choices such as spinners. The look you want for your wheels will have an important part to play in making your selection.

What Lexus specifications on wheel caps should you know?

As with any automobile accessory, it is always a good idea to check the manufacturers specifications and descriptions. Your Lexus center caps are no exception. Check the year, make, and model of your Lexus GS and verify that the caps you have in mind will fit your Lexus hub area. You will need to ascertain some important measurements for your Lexus replacement center caps.

  • Interior measurements: Measure the inside diameter of your cars existing center cap on the front wheels and rear wheels. It is important that your replacement center cap fits your Lexus general wheel and hub area to prevent dust or dirt from corroding the wheels machinery.
  • Exterior measurements: You will also need to record the outside diameter of your Lexus center cap to make sure your cars replacement caps will cover the area exactly.
  • Depth of the cap: Measure how deep the center cap goes to ensure your replacement caps will cover the wheels mechanism. Make sure they can also be tightened.