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Wheel Center Caps for Jaguar

There are a wide variety of wheel center caps for most Jaguar models. Most center caps feature the Jaguar logo, and a cap often fits most models, including the XJ and XJ8. Center caps are easy to install and give your Jag a sleek, customized appearance.

What is the purpose of wheel center caps?

Wheel caps cover the active part of a cars wheel and help protect the vulnerable parts from exposure, rust, and damage as well as to hide the lug nuts. Most Jaguar wheel caps also make the vehicle more decorative and personalized.

How do you remove old center caps?

Unlike with hubcaps, removing the old wheel center caps from your Jaguar can often be the most difficult part of replacing caps. Depending on the type of cap, your specific vehicle, and the age of the car, there can be a number of steps involved in the removal process.

  • If the wheel center cap you wish to remove has two visible pinholes, it can be easily removed with a center cap removal tool.
  • If the cap does not have pin holes, use the center cap removal tool to try to wedge between the cap and the wheel.
  • Use gentle force if you wish to keep or preserve your old cap. You can use more force if you dont mind damaging the old cap.
  • If you are unable to remove the cap from the front, you may need to jack up the car and remove the wheel entirely.
  • Once the wheel is removed, the cap can be tapped out from behind the wheel.
How do you install Jaguar wheel center caps?

Unlike installing hubcaps or a wheel cover, no clips are needed for wheel center caps. Once you have the old center cap properly removed from your wheels, you will be ready to install the new center cover cap featuring the Jaguar logo.

  • Each wheel center cap comes with a retention ring. This can easily be placed inside the center cap.
  • Carefully place the cap over the wheels central hole, and push it into place.
  • Make sure to repeat the removal and installation process on all four wheels.
  • If done correctly, your Jaguars wheels should have custom covers featuring the Jaguar Logo.
  • Before driving, double check your car to make sure everything fits properly.
What Jaguar models do these wheel center caps fit?

Jaguar logo wheel center caps are great fits for many models of Jaguar. This includes the XF, XJ, XJ8, XK, and even the S-Type. Unless you have custom wheels installed on your vehicle, Jaguar logo wheel center caps are interchangeable among many different models.