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Wheel Center Caps for Eagle

American Eagle Wheel Corporation is the oldest and largest American manufacturer of aftermarket aluminum wheels and decorative center caps. Since 1977, the brand has offered a large number of fashionable wheels for cars, trucks, and SUVs in various styles, sizes, and bolt patterns. Finishes include black, chrome, polished aluminum, and what the company calls “super finished,” which is the product of a high-speed turning process that offers a fine polish without surface defects or any need for additional coatings.

What’s the difference between wheel center caps and hubcaps?

Wheel center caps for Eagle are actually a type of hubcap. It is simply a hubcap that covers a smaller portion of the wheel center, called the hub or disk, than a regular hubcap. Regular hubcaps cover a greater area for added protection.

What purpose does a cap serve?

Originally, the center cap protected the wheel bearings and spindle nut from dirt, moisture, and other contaminants. With sealed hubs, the cap now functions mostly as an ornamental accessory to further dress up the wheel.

What does OEM mean?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Simply, it means that anything carrying the Eagle name or logo and identified as OEM is a factory original.

Are aftermarket Eagle alloy center caps available?

Center caps resembling Eagle alloy center caps, called replicas, are available. They copy the design and general appearance of the factory originals but, due to trademark restrictions, cannot display the company name or logo.

Can you buy one cap to match a lost one?

Each size and style of center cap has a unique model number engraved on the backside. Although replacement center caps may look the same, the only way to ensure an exact match is by matching the model number.

How can you stop center caps from getting lost?

The two main causes of lost wheel center caps are damage and improper installation. Follow these guidelines to make sure the caps on your vehicle stay put.

  • If your center caps are the clip-on or snap-on kind, make sure they are firmly and evenly seated all around.
  • If your wheel center caps are the screw-on type, make sure the screws are tightened down snugly, and don’t forget to check their tightness every now and then.
  • Be sure to re-inspect your caps after any service work involving the wheels or brakes.
  • The main cause of damage is curbs. Whether driving or parking, steer clear of the curb.