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Wheel Center Caps for Chevrolet

Wheel center caps, sometimes called hubcaps, are important components for any Chevrolet vehicle as they serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. If you lose your wheel center caps or they become damaged, you will want to replace them immediately. Educating yourself about the options available can help you make a good decision when it comes to purchasing replacements for your Chevrolet car or truck.

Are wheel center caps and wheel covers the same?

The terms wheel center caps and wheel covers are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same thing. The main difference is in how much of the wheel is covered by the component. Wheel center caps and hubcaps cover only the center portion of the wheel, where the lug nuts are located. Wheel covers, on the other hand, are defined as products that cover the entire diameter of the wheel.

What purpose do wheel center caps serve?

Wheel center caps cover and protect the center of your Chevrolets wheels, which includes the lug nuts. They help prevent dirt, debris, and other undesirable materials from entering this part of the wheel. They also help prevent the elements, like rain and snow, from causing general wear and tear on the lug nuts.

Beyond their functional purpose, center caps also lend an aesthetic quality to your Chevrolet car or truck. They are visually appealing and since they are available in several different styles, you can use them to distinguish your vehicle from others on the road.

What does OEM mean for Chevrolet center caps?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that the center caps are made by the same manufacturer who originally made them for your Chevrolet vehicle in the factory. In other words, they would likely be the same caps that your car or truck came with if you purchased it new from the dealership. You can be sure that parts carrying this designation are compatible with your Chevrolet vehicle.

Aftermarket is the term used for all other brands of center caps. Many other brands make wheel center caps for Chevrolet vehicles and they may provide a different look or different materials than OEM parts. Make sure to check that an aftermarket part is compatible with your Chevrolets make and model year before purchasing it.

What materials are wheel center caps made from?

Center caps can be made from many different materials, but these are a few common types you will find:

  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic with a chrome finish
  • Chrome-plated steel
  • Aluminum
How do you know which size center cap to purchase?

In order to be sure a replacement cap will fit your wheel, you will need to record three measurements from your existing center caps:

  • Inner Diameter: The distance between the two inner walls of the cap.
  • Outer Diameter: The distance between the two outer walls of the cap.
  • Depth: The measurement of the interior of the cap, from the opening to the end.