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Wheel Center Caps for Buick

Whichever Buick you drive, you want to keep it looking sharp. If you’ve lost a wheel center cap along the way, replacements are a great way to restore the look of your vehicle. There is a wide selection of wheel center caps for Buick to choose from.

Why should you replace center caps on your Buick?

Wheel center caps are an important part of the way your Buick looks. If you’re restoring a classic car, the restoration won’t be complete until these small parts are in place. If your vehicle is a later model, the center caps enhance its appearance by giving the wheels a final polish and showcasing the emblem of this luxury brand.

Wheel center caps have a role to play in protecting the hub nut and the wheel bearings, too. As you drive, water and grime get thrown up from the surface of the road onto the wheels. The center caps help deflect this material, so it can’t lead to premature wear and corrosion.

How do you find Buick center caps for your vehicle?

Because this company has made so many different vehicles across so many years, there’s a wide variety of center caps. You can narrow down the choices by knowing the model year and trim package of your vehicle. The next step is to get the part number of the caps. As long as you have at least one center cap on your vehicle, you can use its part number to find a match. You’ll find the part number on the back of the cap.

What are some common features of Buick center caps?
  • Shape: The center caps are typically round or spoked. The spoked styles are designed to give access to the lug nuts between the spokes.
  • Size: Buick caps can be generally classified as small or large. The small, round caps are from 2.625 to 3 inches in diameter. They cover only the hub nut area of the wheel. The larger caps may be from 5 to 8.5 inches across. The round styles cover the lug nuts, while the spoked styles extend between the nuts. A couple of the center caps for the Park Avenue have holes for the lugs.
  • Finish: Buick center caps are typically silver in color. They may be silver, chrome, machined, or brushed stainless steel.
  • Emblem: Almost all the Buick center caps have the three-shield emblem in the center. It’s usually the same finish as the rest of the cap, but a few models have red, white, and blue shields.
How do you replace Buick wheel center caps?

Buick center caps typically have plastic retaining clips on the back to hold them in place. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to carefully pry them out from the front. For any vehicle, you can remove the wheel and push the caps out from the back. To install the caps, just place them in position and tap or push them until they click into place.