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Wheel Center Caps for Bentley

Wheel center caps play an important role in your Bentleys performance. If you lose a cap or one becomes damaged, you should look at getting it replaced. As you learn more about the parts, you can find what you need.

What is the purpose of wheel center caps?

Wheel center caps offer protection to the lug nuts that are threaded onto the wheel stems. The cap, which is in the center of each wheel, goes over the lug nuts, keeping dirt and moisture out of the area. Also known as hubcaps, the wheel center caps ensure that the lug nuts arent affected by rust or corrosion, which could make it difficult to remove them from the wheel stems. Additionally, center caps offer improved aesthetics. You can change them out to choose a design that better fits your personality and the look of your Bentley.

How do you replace center caps on a Bentley?

Replacing center caps is a simple process. To start, youll need to remove the existing caps. This is done by prying up the cap with your finger or a flathead screwdriver. Once the center cap is off, you can then use a rag to remove any dirt and moisture inside the center hole. The new caps are then pushed into place with a little bit of force to ensure that the small clip opens onto the inner rim. If theres an indent on one side, this is to make sure that the valve stem has a place to go. You can then give them a quick polish and be done.

What are some of the different designs?

Since there are many different designs available for wheel center caps, you can choose covers that suit your car. The options may include the following traits:

  • Spokes
  • Enameled colors
  • Bentley logo
  • Various emblems
  • Solid metal designs
What can a center cap be made of?

Center caps for a Bentley could be made of various materials, including plastic, aluminum, or other metals. You should consider choosing center caps for your car that can hold up against the external elements, such as snow and rain.

What are OEM center caps?

OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is the term given to genuine parts that originally come with the vehicle. If a manufacturer makes wheel center caps for Bentley that are used at the factory and at dealerships, then they are the OEM. You can choose to buy genuine or aftermarket, which includes all the other brands that make center caps for Bentley vehicles.