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Wheel Center Caps for Audi

Center caps are a good way to stylize your Audi. With caps on each of the A4 wheels, you can show off your trends without interfering with the rest of the Audi. A4 center caps come in all shapes and sizes.

Are Audi A4 wheel center caps easy to remove?

Audi A4 car owners are often concerned that additions such as center caps are permanent on the wheel. In reality, these A4 caps are easy to remove and change at a moments notice. These center caps are just as user-friendly as they are aesthetic.

  • Twistable caps: Twistable caps lock themselves in place with a twist. To remove them, twist the opposite way. This is convenient if you want to try out a bunch of designs or covers.
  • Cap notches: Many caps have notches for easy access to the Audi A4. Instead of the cap being glued to the metal of the A4, these notches can be flipped, allowing for more possibilities.
  • Changing stickers: Some devices allow the user to avoid removing the entire wheel center cap from the Audi S4. You can simply change the sticker and leave the hub attached to the wheel cover of the Audi.
What sizes do A4 center caps come in?

Your wheel center caps need to match the size of your Audi TT or other model. Fortunately, there are appropriate caps from the OEM for all Audi models.

  • 22-inch: This is a standard for center caps. These will fit the wheels on most mid-sized vehicles.
  • 16-inch: These caps are slightly smaller, but do not let this deter you. They rest on the exterior of the wheel hub and are still compatible with most cars.
  • Spokes: Finally, your center caps need to match the number of spokes on the wheel of the Audi TT.
How do you install center caps?

Once you have your center caps, it is easy to install them. You will want to attach all of them at once to keep your vehicle in balance.

  • Peel decal: Peel the decal off the cap, and align it with the tire. Make sure that the sticker is completely removed. Otherwise, there will not be enough space for the cap.
  • Lock in place: Use the notches on the side to lock the center cap in place. Use all four for the tightest fit.
  • Rotate tire: Before leaving, rotate the wheel a few times to ensure that the cap is on properly.