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Acura Wheel Center Caps

A Wheel Center Cap is a disc-shaped cover that is placed over the hub of a car wheel to protect the lug nuts and bearings from dirt. Because center caps are used to decorate the wheel, they often bear a design, typically a company logo in optional colors. The Acura logo is present on Acura caps.

Do all Acura caps fit on all vehicles?

Center caps may vary in size from model to model and year to year. To order the correct replacement, check for the part number on the interior of the wheel center cap. Also, on their product page, sellers will identify which models and years are compatible with their part. Otherwise, consult your automobile manual or contact the manufacturer for the type specific to your vehicle.

How are center caps installed or removed from the wheel?

When installing center caps, it is not necessary to remove the entire wheel. Acura wheel center caps are held in place on the wheel hub by spring clips that can be pried loose or pushed in. A screwdriver can be used to pry off the cap from the wheel hub, but there is a risk of cosmetic damage such as scratching or denting. One technique to avoid damage to center caps is to use a piece of adhesive tape and attach it to the face of the center cap with the tape folded so that a handle is in the center of the tape. Pliers are then used to grasp the handle, which pulls on the tape and extracts the part from the wheel hub.

How can the appearance of center caps be customized?

Acura decals are often placed over aftermarket caps to simulate the appearance of original Acura wheel center caps. Some decals also add color to the Acura logo. Custom decals are available as well. Center caps can also be painted as desired.

Do Acura center caps ever need to be removed?

Acura center caps are removed from the hub by the mechanic when tires are being balanced. Center caps are also removed when replacing flat tires with spares. Any access to the lug nuts or bearings will require removal of wheel center caps.

How do you prevent wheel center caps from being lost?

Acura center caps can last the lifetime of the vehicle. However, a center cap can be lost through improper installation or theft. To ensure proper installation, check that the center caps are pushed in fully and lie flat, not at an angle. To avoid loss through theft, center caps can be secured to the hub with locks.