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Car and Truck Tail Lights

Tail lights are designed to light up in a red color so that your car, pickup, or trailer can be more visible to other vehicles on the road. The configuration of the tail lights varies by manufacturer, but there are regulations that stipulate the difference of brightness between daytime or nighttime visibility lamps and stop or brake lights on the vehicles rear side. Tail lights are a key part of your car or trucks exterior lighting-and-safety system features.

What are the features of LED tail lights?
  • Minimum intensity ratios: LED tail lights have minimum intensity ratios. For cars produced in the United States, including Jeep, Chevy, Ford, and General Motors vehicles and trailers, the minimum intensity ratio of the LED tail lights is 1.5 when they are used as daytime lighting equipment. The maximum intensity ratio is six. These are the minimum and maximum intensity required for diode lights on the rear of the car, pickup truck, or trailer.
  • Flashing functions: LED tail lights may have flashing functions. Some of the lights function as sequential lights when you use your turn signal. They may also function as hazard lights if you need to make an emergency stop on the road.
  • Combined functions: Some LED tail lights have a combined functionality as brake lights. The diodes will glow brighter when you are pressing on the brake pedal than they will when your vehicle is in drive and you are using the tail lights as daytime running lamps.
What are the functions of tail lights?
  • Nighttime visibility of the vehicle: When driving at night, the LED lights brighten the rear of your car, pickup, or trailer in red. The red color is actually the white LED light glowing through the red-tinted or coated glass. Other drivers use the red glow of the rear LED lights to maintain a safe driving distance behind you.
  • Brakes: LED lights may be used as braking lights. When you press the brake pedal, other drivers are alerted to your action by the brighter glow of the LED lights on the back of your car or truck. The LED lights are used in the third braking light in the enter back of the vehicle as well as on the left and right sides of the car or trucks tail end.
  • Emergency flashers: Hazards or emergency flashers blink at a regular rhythm on the front and tail ends of cars and trucks. These tail lights are designed to signal to other drivers that you are experiencing some type of an emergency and they should give you extra room or take caution when approaching your car or truck.
What is the brightness level of LED tail lights?

Tail lights with LEDs that are used for braking or signaling a stop must have a minimum brightness of 80 candela on the tail of the car. Most car manufacturers have tail lights that deliver 150 candela. On imported cars with fog tail lights, the minimum brightness is 150 candela and the maximum is 300.