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Car and Truck Air Intake Systems

Many car and truck owners upgrade their vehicles to achieve optimal performance. One way to obtain this optimal performance is through adding in aftermarket air filter parts and features. One option for an add-on accessory is the cold air intake, commonly seen on trucks.

What is a cold air intake stem?

A cold air intake stem is a part that brings cold air into the vehicles internal combustion. The stems can increase an engines performance and efficiency. Cold air intake systems can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, silicone, plastic, and rubber. This style of intake system is available in many different styles and shapes.

What are the different types of air intake stems?

There are three main types of air intakes available. To determine which intake system will work best for your automobile, first assess your situation and determine your needs. The three main types of aftermarket air intakes are the following:

  • Cold air intake systems: A cold air intake system pulls the cold air from outside of the bumper or wheel well and transfer the cool air to the engine. Cold air intake can be complicated to install because part of the intake must be installed from underneath the vehicle.
  • Short-pipe intakes: These pull and filter hot air from within the engine compartment and transfer it directly to the engine. These are the simplest intakes to install.
  • Ram air intakes: These air intake systems are designed to be at the front of the car or truck. Ram air intakes pull cool air from the bumper area and pressurize the air as the vehicle goes faster. These are slightly similar to the cold air intake systems.
How do you install an air intake stem?
  • Determine the exact make, model, and trim style of your vehicle.
  • Research the different types of intakes and find one to suit your needs.
  • Park your car in a well-lit and spacious area; wait for the automobile to completely cool.
  • Unplug the car battery and terminals.
  • Remove the original intake system. Be sure to hold onto the old part in case the new one does not fit or is not functioning properly. You will need to re-insert the old piece to drive your automobile and get a new part.
  • Follow the manufacturers instructions and install the new part. Re-install any sensors that were removed with the old piece.
  • Check to make sure the new part is installed properly and is secure.
  • Re-attach the battery terminals; positive first and negative second.
  • Test drive your automobile to ensure the new piece is working properly.