Finding the Right Midrange Speakers for Your Car

Midrange speakers are a necessary component of a car's stereo system because around 80% of music occurs in the midrange frequencies. Before buying speakers from these eBay selections, you must know what size, sensitivity, and power-handling you need.

How do you choose right midrange speakers for your car?

Check whether or not the speakers you're interested in are sold as singles, as pairs, or in another quantity. Some products are only sold as individuals, so you want to pay attention to know what quantity you need to buy. Know what level sensitivity the speakers need to have. Low-powered car stereos need high-sensitivity speakers. A car stereo is low-powered if it's 15 watts RMS or under. High sensitivity in car speakers is around 90 dB or above. The DS18 PRO-X6.4BM 2400W is an example of midrange speakers with high sensitivity.

If your car's stereo system is at 16 watts RMS or higher, it's considered a high-powered system. You will therefore need low sensitivity speakers of below 90 dB. One of your options in low sensitivity midrange speakers is the Infinity Kappa Perfect 300m. Power-handling is another important feature to look at. High-powered stereo systems need speakers that are capable of handling large amounts of power. In a low-powered system, you can choose a low-powered speaker. Look at the maximum RMS spec to know how much power it can handle. Many affordable choices are available on eBay.

How do you know what size speakers you need?

Speakers have four different measurements you should pay attention to: diameter, mounting depth, cutout diameter, and mounting height. To find a car speaker's diameter, measure across the frame. If the speaker has four holes in the frame, then you need to measure from one hole to the other on the opposite diagonal end.

To determine the mounting depth, measure from the mounting flange to the magnet base. You want to buy a speaker with the correct mounting depth so it installs flush in the car. To find the mounting height, measure from the mounting flange to the highest point of the speaker. Lastly, the cutout diameter is determined by the largest diameter at the speaker's back. This measurement corresponds to the car's speaker slot.

What are some options in lower-priced midrange speakers?

If you're on a tight budget, some options in affordable midrange speakers are described here:

  • Audiopipe 6-inch shallow midrange loudspeakers Bullet: These four-hole speakers have 91 dB sensitivity, 100 Watts RMS per speaker, and a mounting depth of 2 3/16 inches
  • Orion 6.5-inch 1000W max music midrange speakers: These speakers have 96.67 sensitivity, 250W RMS, and a 6.5-inch black paper cone.
  • Skar Audio FSX65-4 midrange loudspeaker: This model has a vented back plate to assist with cooling, and it operates at 150W RMS and 92.5 dB sensitivity.