Finding Adapters and Cables for iPhone 5

Apple comes out with a new iPhone every year, but many iPhone users hold on to older models for a while. The cords and adapters tend to wear out faster than the phones, so if you are looking to replace your USB cable or adapter, there are a few factors for you to consider. In addition to the Apple branded replacements, you can find an array of other brands with extra features included.

Do I Have to Buy the Whole Charger Set If Only My USB Cable Has Died?

Apple sells replacement products individually or in sets. If you know for sure that the issue is a frayed cord, you can keep using your old adapter with a Lightning cable and vice versa. There are a few Lightning connector replacement options available.

  • Apple brand Lightning to USB and USB-C cables are available in one and two meter lengths. Each is compatible with multiple models of iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks that will allow you to easily sync your phone with iTunes. The USB_C also comes in a half meter length.
  • Purchase the Apple 5W USB Power Adapter or equivalent for charging from the wall. Using your adapter for the computer will give your phone a slower wattage so that the speed at which you phone charges will change. Look for something that will give five watts (five volts at 1000 mAh). Don't worry though if you can't find an equivalent, it won't hurt your phone if the adapter delivers faster or slower.
  • If you still have a working 30-pin USB cable, you can also buy an adapter to make your old cable into an iPhone 5 compatible Lightning cable.

What Are Some Other Brands That Make Apple Compatible Chargers?

Apple compatible charges come from many other brands like Belkin, Mcdodo, and Qable Powerz. Where Apple brand charges just come in their classic white, you can personalize your phone charger with a variety of colors to match your iPhone case. Some come with a braided exterior to the cord.

  • Belkin iPhone chargers come in silver, gold, and rose gold tones and black that match your iPhone. Belkin offers a four-in-one kit for charging at home or on the go. It comes with: a 3.4A battery pack with two ports and 6600 mAh of power; a Car charger (12W/2.4A); a Home charger (12W/2.4A); and a Lightning cable (4 ft./1.2 m).
  • Qable Powerz has a USB sync cable which connects your iPhone 5 to your computer's USB port for syncing and charging or to the Apple USB Power Adapter. It comes in bright colors like pink, hot pink, blue, purple, and green. They also carry
  • Mcdodo carries an Apple certified charge made with a nylon braid for durability and that is four feet long. They also carry charger models with a breathing light for easier charging in the dark.

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