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Chanel Makeup

The Chanel fashion house produces a varied collection of makeup in addition to their other products. Chanel has been offering makeup alongside its legendary perfumes and fashions since 1924. Today, they continue to offer timeless classics in their makeup line as well as introducing fresh and modern lines each season.

What facial makeup products does Chanel offer?
  • Soleil Tan De Chanel: One of the brands marquee makeup products, this is a cream bronzer in a shade that is warm enough to give a natural tanning effect without being unnaturally orange. The creamy formulation can be picked up with a buffing or stippling brush and then tapped lightly onto the skin for an airbrushed look.
  • Vitalumière Aqua foundation: This is another Chanel makeup product intended for the face. It provides a light coverage without fully masking your skin tone. This product contains SPF 15, making it an effective choice for an everyday complexion base that also helps protect your skin from the sun.
  • Double Perfection Matte Powder: This makeup is designed to set your foundation or give the appearance of a light blurring filter over your bare skin.
  • Lift Lumiere: This concealer has also served women both as an under-eye corrector and as an eye shadow primer.
What types of eye shadow palettes are available from Chanel?

Chanels eye shadows are designed using softer colors to allow you to layer and build on them in order to help achieve the look you want. Though the brand sells shadows in several different configurations, the quads are perhaps the most recognizable. These square sets contain four circular shadows in a gradient of colors that are grouped to effectively complement each other. There are a few neutral colorways for different skin tones, as well as bold and smoky quads. Chanel also releases new limited-edition versions every season to capture the hottest trends of the moment. Shadows are also available in stand-alone singles as well as in rectangular palettes.

What kinds of lipsticks are available?

The design house offers a wide variety of colors and shades of lipstick to choose from, but many of their options are meant to achieve a classic red pout. You can get a red lip in a sheer balm, a creamy hydrating lipstick, a matte lip bullet, lip gloss, and a long-wearing liquid matte lip color. You can also select from a range of wearable nudes and neutrals in many of these formulations. There are also Rouge sampler packages you can find that have several colors to try out and come with an applicator brush. These can help you find a particular shade of lipstick you like.

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