Increase Your Computer Graphics With an External CD/DVD Burner

An external digital video disc (DVD) compact disc (CD) burner powered by your household current connects to your computer through your USB port. A laser within the external DVD burner enters up to 4.7 gigabytes of digital data into an organic coating on a DVD or into a metal alloy on a rewritable DVD. Compact discs are frequently used to store music, and you can compare all manufacturers external drives on eBay where you can shop online with confidence.

What kinds of external CD/DVD burners are available?

Depending on the device you are working with and the kind of CD you plan on burning, you may need to select a specific new or used external DVD burner model. Understanding your particular needs will help you choose the model that will work for you.

  • Laptop: External combination CD/DVD burners for laptop computers read, write, and play digital media from the internet on your laptop and stream to your television.
  • Macintosh: External combination CD/DVD burners for Macintosh computers read, write, and play digital media from the Internet on your Macintosh. Slim Macintosh DVD burners with dual technology can store up to 8.5 gigabytes of data on a single DVD.
  • Blu-ray: Blu-ray DVD burners can be plugged into any USB 2.0 port on any computer. You can stream Blu-ray movies and music videos from your computer to your television without replacing either device.
  • DVD duplication: External burners for duplicating DVDs create high-quality duplicates of your presentations.
  • Reader/Writer/Player: Most external CD/DVD burners read, write, and play CD/DVD data through a USB port.
What are the features of an external CD/DVD burner?

These CD/DVD burners found on eBay are lightweight, and they support high-definition graphics technology for either USB 2.0 or 3.0 signals. USB 3.0 technology transfers data more than 10 times faster than USB 2.0 technology, 5 gigabits per second or 480 megabits per second, respectively. External burners for duplicating CDs or DVDs are perfect for those who reproduce reports and demonstrations for corporate meetings or training.

External DVD burners allow you to store and share a large volume of information at a high rate of speed on an inexpensive medium. You can give everyone in a meeting, at a conference, or on your list a copy of your presentation. You can play video games and share home movies, music, photographs, and downloaded books and articles with your friends.

How do you choose an external CD/DVD burner?

These affordably priced external CD/DVD burners are somewhat device dependent. When choosing an external burner on eBay, you have to purchase one that transfers data through either a USB 2.0 or a new USB 3.0 port to connect it to the corresponding port on your computer. You can, however, add the capacity to watch Blu-ray movies to any desktop or laptop computer with a USB 2.0 port.