From Residential to Commercial Work: Caterpillar Can Do It All

Few names in the construction industry are more well-known for creating reliable heavy equipment than Caterpillar. However, keeping any heavy machinery up and running requires the management of parts that break down over time. Thankfully, it's possible to buy aftermarket parts for your machinery online at eBay if you know what to look for.

How to choose between steel and rubber tracks

When choosing tank tracks for a Caterpillar, there are two main types to choose from: steel and rubber. You can usually find each track type for any Caterpillar that you own. For example, you can find Caterpillar Challenger rubber tracks just as easily as you can find steel tracks. It's also possible to buy aftermarket Caterpillar rubber tracks from third party companies.

However, rubber tracks tend to break down faster than steel tracks. On the other hand, rubber tracks are quieter, so they're preferable when you have to work on certain surfaces.

How do you find the right parts for your Caterpillar?

Finding the right aftermarket parts for your Caterpillar requires you to know the make and model of your equipment. For example, a Caterpillar rubber track loader set won't fit on a Challenger machine. Even an aftermarket undercarriage for Caterpillar rubber track machines requires you to know the make and model of your equipment. Some common pre-owned aftermarket parts that you may need to buy for your Caterpillar include:

  • Mattracks
  • Fuel lines
  • Flasher lights
  • Gasket set
Can you buy aftermarket or genuine bearings and bolts for Caterpillar online?

It's possible to buy both genuine and aftermarket bearings and bolts just like it's possible to buy Caterpillar rubber tracks for sale online. Once again, it's important that you know the make and model of your machinery before you buy and install the parts. Replacement bearings and bolts are designed to fit on specific models. Attempting to fit them on the wrong equipment can result in damage.

Sizes of rubber tracks that are available for Caterpillar machines

There are multiple sizes of Caterpillar rubber tracks on eBay. In fact, there are multiple rubber tracks sizes that fit on each Caterpillar machine. However, it's important to pay attention to the weight and width of each track. Certain models can only use tracks of a certain weight.

For example, the 301.5 rubber tracks for Caterpillar excavators weigh 115.63 pounds. It's important to make sure that your equipment can support the added weight of these tracks. Some other models of rubber tracks include:

  • 299D-XHP
  • MM40CR-2
  • 257B3
  • 308DCRSB
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