Find a Yellow Gold Byzantine Necklace to Add Dazzle Around Your Neckline

If youre looking for a piece of jewelry that will look great with many styles of clothing, a yellow gold Byzantine necklace might be the exact piece that you need. eBay has affordable Byzantine chains in many lengths and widths to suit a variety of potential wearers.

What should you look for in a Byzantine chain?

Decide how many grams of gold you want and what grade of gold youre interested in. The number of grams in any Byzantine necklace will be partly determined by the length and width of the piece. If you want a necklace that is both long and thick, youll have to pay for more grams. Otherwise, if you want a longer chain but dont want to pay for as many grams, you can select one that isnt as thick.

A Byzantine necklace is usually either 10k or 14k gold. This ratio of gold to other metals actually gives strength to the chain. You should also determine if you plan on wearing a pendant with the chain or the chain by itself. There are some necklaces that have a graduated design that makes the necklace look beautiful by itself, but the chain is too thick in the middle to fit between most pendants.

How to select the length of a Byzantine chain

Byzantine chain necklaces come in a wide variety of lengths. Typically, a 16-inch chain is going to be choker length on a woman. The longest length is about 30 inches, and the lowest part will sit about at the heart of most people.When youre selecting a length, you also need to factor in the height of the person who will wear it. For instance, if youre buying a necklace for a 10-year-old child, remember that the necklace will hang lower. See the manufacturer site for details.

Types of closures used on Byzantine necklaces

Some of the types of closures that you can find on Byzantine necklaces include the following:

  • Lobster claw: A lobster claw closure is named after its similar looks to an actual lobster claw, which closes around a metal circle.
  • Toggle: This type of closure consists of a bar on one end that is threaded through a circle.
  • Barrel: On this type of clasp, both ends look like barrels that screw together.
  • Spring ring: This type of closure consists of a circle with a bar that pulls the clasp open. The other end has a continuous circle that the other end clasps around.
  • S-Hook: The S-hook consists of an open s-shaped hook on one end and a closed circle on the other. The s-shaped hook is threaded through the circle to close the clasp.