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Enjoy Stress-Free, High-Octane Thrills With Burton Snowboard Bindings

Few hobbies offer the adrenaline-packed, high-speed fun of snowboarding. Too often, though, misplaced concerns regarding safety and board construction keep potential thrill seekers from taking the plunge. With Burton Snowboard Bindings, these worries can be a thing of the past.

Are there different types of Burton Step In Bindings available?

Yes. eBay offers numerous new and used step in bindings geared toward different genders, builds, and experience levels. Each of these models is available in a variety of sizes as well. See the manufacturer site for details. Below are some brief descriptions for the most widely available models:

  • Burton Genesis: A flagship model that is great for beginners and hobbyists, it features a combination of dense plastics and malleable rubbers to ensure safety without sacrificing range of motion.
  • Burton Mission 2019: A fantastic option for more experienced riders. The Burton Mission bindings use impact-resistant materials to make steep hills and tumultuous ramps less taxing on your board and lower body.
  • Burton Freestyle: These are made for those who like to do tricks and complex maneuvers with their board. They use a more flexible rubber-mesh blend that allows your ankles to enjoy a significantly greater range of motion than other models.
  • Burton Cartel: Features heavy cushioning to protect your feet from impacts and harsh falls. These may be a good option if you're new to the sport.

What are some features of Burton Step In Bindings?

These Burton Step In Bindings include numerous useful and intuitively designed features for you to enjoy. Below are some of the marquee features as well as a brief descriptor of how they can benefit your snowboarding experience:

  • Quality straps: Flexible yet sturdy, these straps can last for hundreds of high-speed snowboarding sessions.
  • Sturdy construction: Impact-resistant plastics repel oncoming debris, which prevents scratches, dents, and cracks from forming on the binding's surface.
  • Professional-grade installation: Dense, sturdy screws and washers ensure the bindings never become displaced or awkwardly positioned on your board.

Are individual components available as well?

Yes, eBay has many different individual components available. These parts can be used to restore, repair, or enhance Burton Bindings. Straps, installation disks, and housing shells are all available through eBay's listings.

What snowboards are these bindings compatible with?

Burton Step In Bindings are compatible with boards that share their listed size. If your board is a women's medium, for example, then you will need Burton Step In Bindings in women's medium as well. You can find your board's size on its packaging or through the manufacturer's web page.