Brinks Home Security Equipment

Security systems and equipment are meant to protect your property from theft, fire, and other types of damage. When you install Brinks security equipment, you can also opt for home security monitoring. A security system typically has several mechanisms for notifying residents of a break-in, fire, or other potential problem at home.

What is meant by a monitored home security system?

With a monitored security system, surveillance video cameras and alarms can be monitored by a professional company when you subscribe to their service. The monitoring service company has round-the-clock staff who will alert the police, fire department, or ambulance in case of a problem. Some home security devices have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as panic buttons that can be linked to the alarm and monitoring service as well, allowing users to press a button to connect with Brinks agents in an emergency.

What kind of home security products does Brinks offer?

Brinks offers a complete line of home and commercial products designed to protect your valuables. Here are some of the security products offered by Brinks:

  • Brinks Home Security boxes that are designed to protect valuables like jewelry, cash, or important documents from fire and water damage and which are usually portable.
  • Brinks fire-resistant safes with either a combination lock or a keyed mechanism.
  • Brinks keyed adjustable brass shackle-style padlocks.
  • Brinks Home Security discus padlocks with shackles made of cut-resistant steel alloy boron for extra strength.
  • Brinks heavy-duty security bar for doors.
  • Brinks Home Security service stickers and signs to provide a visible warning that your home has security protection.
  • Brinks window vibration detectors, which trigger the alarm in the event someone tries to open or break a window.
How do you change your home security system battery?
  • First, put the Brinks alarm system into test mode and notify Brinks that you are about to test your system.
  • Next, if the motion sensor needs a new battery, remove it from the wall using a flat-head screwdriver on the back of the casing.
  • Make note of the date you change the batteries and remember that the batteries for your alarm system, as well as your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, should be changed every few months. If your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are connected to your security system, youll have to alert Brinks when youre changing those batteries as well.
What options are available for video monitoring?

Security cameras can be set to record at your discretion, so you can choose to keep the cameras recording all the time or just have them on when youre away from home. When you use the video camera while youre away, there are systems that will give you the option of viewing the video in real-time on your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Do Brinks Home Security systems include floodlights?

Brinks does offer home security lights. You have the option of adding 110-degree motion-activated floodlights. In addition, Brinks offers lights that come on automatically at dusk and go off automatically at dawn.

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