Bridal Tiaras

A bridal tiara is a special piece of jewelry that makes a woman look like royalty for her special day. These headpieces are a circle or half-circle design with a decorative front made from metal, gemstones, or crystals. They add flair and elegance to any bridal hairdo, and they can be worn with long, short, curled, or straight hair.

What are the styles of bridal tiaras?

Depending on their shape, bridal tiaras are divided into a few different categories.

  • Traditional: This is the most classic form for women to wear. It is a half-circle shape that is open at the back, and it has an angled piece that stands upright against the top of the head.
  • Diadem: The diadem style was traditionally worn by royalty. These are a complete circle that stands straight up.
  • Headband: Headband styles fit flat against the head instead of standing upright, and they may be quite thin.
  • Wreath: Wreath styles look like vines or flowers that wrap around the head.
How do you wear a bridal tiara?

One of the main things that separates a tiara from a crown is its position on the head. Instead of being worn as a low band across the forehead, it is traditionally worn pushed back near the top of the head. This positioning allows the headband to work with several different hairstyles, such as the ones described here:

  • High bun: This traditional updo has a large bun at the top of the head. The ends of the band may be tucked into the bun, or the entire piece may encircle the entire bun.
  • Low Bun: Hairstyles that include a bun at the nape of the neck typically move the tiara slightly farther back.
  • Half up: When hair is worn in a half-up-and-half-down style, the bridal headpiece can be inserted between the bangs and the teased hair along the crown of the head.
  • Hair down: Whether the bride has short or long hair, a bridal tiara can be placed in the headband position.
Can you wear a veil with a tiara?

Brides who love the sparkle of tiaras and the floating effect of veils do not have to choose between the two headpieces. It is possible to wear both at the same time, and you can even find some options that have the fabric attached. Some brides choose to place the fabric behind the headband while others drape it over the headpiece.

What are bridal tiaras made from?

All of the sparkle and shine of a crown comes from the materials used to make it. Depending on the jewelry style you select, it may include the following materials:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Plated metal
  • Plastic
  • Gemstones
  • Crystals
  • Rhinestones