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Women's Body Stockings

A bodystocking is a one-piece, sheer, skin-tight piece of hosiery worn as lingerie. Bodystockings cover the legs and torso and are often lace or fishnet; they are popular because they accentuate the female form and help shape the figure. Women wear these in a variety of different styles, including professionally and for costumes.

How does one wear and put on a body stocking?

There are only two sizes of bodystocking; therefore, choosing a size is easy. Bodystockings generally take several minutes to put on, especially in the beginning.

  • Put the garment on through the neck.
  • Scrunch up the legs, insert the foot, and unroll the material over the legs, like tights.
  • From the waist, pull the body stocking up over the torso.
  • If the hosiery has sleeves, put them on last.

The entire garment may need to be adjusted slightly to sit straight on the body. Bodystockings can be worn alone, under clothing, or over a bra and panties.

What kinds of body stockings are available?

Most bodystockings are made from a synthetic stretch material that enables them to conform to many body sizes. Bodystockings are made from pantyhose material, lace, fencenet, fishnet, or other net materials. They are often black, but they can be any color from white to blue to pink. The black fishnet bodystocking is the most popular of all options.

Bodystockings come in a variety of options. They can be crotchless and have other seductive cut-aways. There are many gauges of netting available, from fishnet to industrial net. These sexy bodystockings are popular because they are slimming and elongating to the body, especially in black. They can help a woman feel like her trouble areas are covered while still being visually stimulating.

How does one choose which body stockings to wear?

Much about the choice of lingerie is personal preference. The color and style of the bodystocking should please you and your partner.

  • Select a color: black is slimming, white is angelic, and bright colors are fun.
  • Select a material: fishnet, sheer lace, fencenet, industrial net, or other net sizes.
  • Select a design: from full-body to dress, strapless to full sleeves, and from a variety of cut-away options.

If you are looking for something more conservative, black lace would be the best option. Lace materials cover more skin and offer more support. Once you become comfortable with the idea of a bodystocking, you can try a fishnet bodystocking or crotchless stockings. Fishnet offers less support but allows more skin to be exposed. If there is an area of your body that you wish to accentuate or to hide, choose the stockings that highlight or disguise that region.