Bocce Ball Equipment

Bocce ball is a popular game that is a fun way to spend time with friends and family by playing on the beach, in the backyard, while camping, and in many other situations. This sport dates back to ancient Roman times, where it was played by the elite class, and it eventually became a fun pastime in Europe and around the world. Bocce requires minimal equipment that is easy to store, making it a convenient form of entertainment for anyone.

What does a bocce ball set consist of?

  • Bocce Balls: Each bocce ball set comes with eight balls. There are two of each color or pattern.
  • Pallino Ball: A pallino is a small ball included in a bocce ball set that serves as the target in the game. It is most commonly white.
  • Carrying Case: Some sets come with a case for storing the equipment to ensure nothing is lost and make transportation and storage of the balls easier.

How much does a bocce ball weigh?

Bocce ball sets contain balls that are generally made of solid, durable plastics similar to that used in a bowling ball, but other less common sets can also include varieties made of metal. Because of their materials, the standard weight of a ball is 2 pounds. The weight adds an interesting aspect to the game as it must be accounted for when throwing the bocce balls. The size and weight may vary depending on the variation of the game you play.

How many people can play bocce?

Bocce can be played with two to eight people per round. This equates to a minimum of one person on a team to a maximum of four people per team. Each team member must keep track of the color and specific ball they are throwing to keep score.

How big do you make a bocce ball court?

By regulation standards, a bocce court is 13 feet by 91 feet; however, a bocce court can be made or marked to whatever size can fit in the backyard or other designated space and can be altered to account for the desired challenge. Playing bocce for fun doesn't necessarily call for a professional court. As long as the surface is reasonably flat and the borders of the court are marked, the game can be played easily.

How do you keep score in bocce ball?

The points in bocce are awarded at the end of each frame, and they are only granted to one team per frame. A frame is over when all of the balls have been thrown by both teams.

  • One point is given to a player on a team for each of the bocce balls they have thrown closer to the pallino than their opponents.
  • Two points are given for a bocce, which occurs when a player throws a bocce ball that lands touching the pallino.
  • No points are awarded if the bocce balls of the opposing players are at an equal distance from the target.