Black Handbags

Black handbags are always in fashion as black is a neutral color that looks good with just about anything. Black handbags can be simple or elegant. They are thus suitable accessories for any occasion.

What styles are available when choosing a black handbag?

The bag style you select depends on your needs and where you will carry it. Preferably, you want a purse that is comfortable to carry and roomy enough for the items you will place in it. A medium to large tote might be suited for work and shopping. Totes work well when you need to carry larger items like folding umbrellas, tablets, and other electronics. When selecting a tote, look for straps that are comfortable, sturdy, and reinforced. A clutch-type handbag works well for situations when you simply need to carry your cash, keys, make-up, and phone. In addition to totes and clutch bags, other purse styles include:

  • Satchels
  • Cross body bags
  • Shoulder bags
  • Backpacks
What materials are available for black handbags?

Whether you choose a leather tote, clutch, satchel or one of these styles made of another material depends on your personal preference. Some people like leather for its durability, while others prefer vinyl or fabric. Vinyl can be a good substitute for leather as you can easily find a black vinyl bag, satchel, or tote that looks exactly like leather. Evening clutches are usually made of silk, satin, or patent leather. These materials provide an elegant look. Vegan "leather" is preferred by individuals concerned about the use of animal products. This "leather" is made of vinyl or another material that is not of animal origin.

Are there black handbags that are not designer brands?

Women’s designer black bags are certainly favored by many buyers. However, you can also find purses from lesser known brands in varying styles and colors that look classy and that are made of high-quality materials. If you like carrying different styles of black purses, you might choose good quality bags without the designer label. However, if you like a specific designers style, then you might choose to invest in a designer tote, satchel, or leather handbag.

What embellishments come with black handbags?

A black leather purse is classy without embellishments. However, some people do enjoy a little bling. The key is to look for details that enhance the bag. Eye-catching, subtle embellishments can give a bag a sophisticated look, especially a small clutch bag. Look for studs, jewels, or designs sewn into the bag.