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Ballroom Dance Shoes

When you dance the Latin salsa, it's essential to have comfortable dance shoes. Look for a quality pair of ballroom dance shoes in satin or leather that have a comfortable fit, heel height, and style. Many brands of dance shoes meant for the ballroom are available to meet your dance needs, no matter your style.

What should you look for when choosing ballroom shoes?

Here are some of the elements you should consider to determine if the dance shoes can meet your needs.

  • The Heel - Your heels shouldn't slip when the dance shoes are laced or strapped. Your heels should always be secure.
  • The Buckle - Buckles on your dance shoes should not scratch or rub your skin, and they should be secure.
  • The Toe - There should be just enough room in the toes of the dance shoes for you to wiggle your toes.
  • The Fit - Walking or dancing in your dance shoes should not be painful.
  • Conformity - Make sure the dance shoes are lightweight, flexible, and form-fitting.
What styles of ballroom shoes are available?

For men's Latin dance shoes, there are limited options. Many are black, oxford-style shoes, but can also be two-toned black and white. They can also come in a variety of solid colors to match ballroom dance costumes. Women's shoes are more varied, from black closed-toed pumps to open-toed strappy sandals. You can choose shoes that are flashy, with sequins and rhinestones. If you prefer a more low-key style, you can opt for classic, solid-colored, or black satin shoes that are more muted. Your personal taste should be reflected in every part of your dance costume for the ballroom, including your footwear.

What are ballroom dance shoes made of?

Regardless of the ballroom dance, men wear Latin dance shoes with Cuban heels. These lightweight Latin ballroom dance shoes are usually made of Nubuck, soft leather, or shiny, black patent leather that highlights the steps of a salsa. Ladies' dance shoes are made of the same materials, but you can also find satin shoes, like ballet dance slippers. For men and ladies, these dance shoes feature suede soles. Suede provides better grip, including on the heels. They can also help you avoid slipping on polished surfaces while dancing a Latin salsa in the ballroom.

What is the appropriate heel height for ballroom dance shoes?

For ballroom dance, the appropriate height for heels on women’s shoes is 2.5 inches, and for men it’s 1.5 inches. This type of ballroom heel ensures that the shoes provide comfort, have proper balance, and prevent fatigue while ballroom dancing. The relatively low height for heels on ladies’ satin or leather ballroom dance shoes make complicated footwork simpler.