Baby Alive Interactive Dolls

Baby Alive dolls are toys for children who want the experience of taking care of a baby. Children can see the realistic reactions of these dolls while playing. There are many different Baby Alive dolls for a little boy or girl to collect as they grow and develop.

What is a Baby Alive doll?

These dolls mimic the actions of a real baby, from eating to crying and using the potty. These interactive dolls respond to their accessories and the child's actions. Baby Alive figures can be used for developing imaginative play in a preschooler or school-age child. Dolls come in both male and female genders and a variety of ages, hair, and skin colors.

What are the different types of Baby Alive dolls?

Each type of Baby Alive has unique functions. There are dolls to suit all types of play.

  • Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye: This little girl doll goes bye bye and crawls when her tummy is tickled or if she hears the sound of her rattle. She also speaks both English and Spanish. Fill her bottle with water to feed her, and she will wet her diaper. She also comes with a carrier accessory so the little mommy or daddy can take her on the go.
  • Baby Alive Lil' Slumbers: This baby is for younger children who are just beginning pretend play. This little doll closes her eyes when the child lays her down or cradles her in his or her arms. Hold her upright for playtime, and she wakes up again. This doll has a soft body perfect for cuddling. This Baby Alive baby is available in blonde or brunette hair colors.
  • Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Luke: The first Baby Alive boy comes with two containers of food that the child can shape into fun snacks and an airplane spoon accessory. After Luke is finished snacking, he poops in his diaper and will need a diaper change.
  • Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby: This baby is sick and needs the child to nurse her back to health. When she drinks water from her juice box, she cries. Her nose turns red, letting the kid know that it is time to help her blow her nose. She also comes with a thermometer and stethoscope for playing doctor. She speaks over 30 English and Spanish words and phrases and comes in blonde or brunette hair colors.
  • Baby Alive Twinkles n' Tinkles: Feed this baby from her cup, and her diaper lights up to let the child know know it is time for a change. She also speaks over 30 words and phrases in both English and Spanish and comes in blonde or brunette hair shades.
  • Baby Alive Finger Paint Baby: This doll can paint using her hands or a paintbrush. Use cold water on the canvases to "paint" or create a handprint. The canvases can repeatedly be used.