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Avital Replacement Car Alarm Remotes

While most vehicles from the manufacturer arrive with an alarm system, many are limited. The Avital car alarm system is a choice for those looking for remote start options.

What are the features of Avital car alarm remotes?

Avital creates many types of car alarms. The Avital 4105L remote start system is a keyless entry and remote start combination. The keyless entry means you need only the device in hand to open the door. Anyone trying to break into the car otherwise will be denied. The remote start install for Avital will let your vehicle start before you've approached the vehicle. This is an ideal option for winter days to pre-heat your vehicle. Other remote car alarm features that you can find include:

  • Ability to start vehicle from up to 1500 feet away.
  • Arming or disarming the system can provide confirmation to the remote.
  • Car siren tripped will vibrate or otherwise active your remote.
How do you install an Avital car alarm?

While all car alarms have different options for vehicles, there is a basic installation for car alarm systems. Your vehicle may not have all the options available on the alarm. You may also elect to ignore some of the options available. You will need your car wiring system blueprint. You will also need the instruction manual for your remote system. Follow the instructions carefully. The following are guidelines you'll need to install your car alarm remote system:

  1. Remove the dash cover under the steering column
  2. Locate the wires that correlate to your system. If you have an older system to remove, this step is simpler.
  3. After re-connecting the wiring, check that the lights and starter work.
  4. Program the system based on your remote alarm needs.
How do you disable an Avital car alarm remote?

If you must disable the car alarm for any reason, the following steps provide a solution for most Avital models:

  1. If you have a remote, press the unlock button to sound the horn. If you do not have a remote, move to the next step.
  2. Insert the key and unlock the door.
  3. Turn the key to the ignition position.
  4. Locate the reset button usually under your dash, look in your manual if uncertain, and press the button.
  5. Your alarm system will be deactivated and must be reactivated for further usage.
Why should you consider an Avital car alarm system?

The decision to install a car alarm remote system is easy for most people. Protecting valuables inside the car, or the car itself, requires an alarm system. The remote option gives the driver flexibility in being away from the vehicle. Walking at night to your vehicle, the remote start options engage the starter, and turns on the lights for increased safety.