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Avital Car Alarms and Security Systems

For much the same reason that it is wise to get a home security system to protect your home, consider a security system that can protect your car. Having a comprehensive vehicle alarm system can be beneficial for keeping both your car and anything inside safe from theft. Using sensors and components such as door lock alarms, keyless entry, and remote starting, you can make sure that your car is safe at all times.

Can Avital Car Alarm Systems protect your car?

Avital Systems can help reduce car thefts by deterring potential thieves through a series of protection devices. Various sensors and other features that are incorporated in the alarm system make your car and even car parts such as the car tires harder to steal.

What are some additional features of Avital Car Alarm Systems?

These additional features of Avital vehicle security systems help detect and deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle or from stealing parts:

  • Vehicle tracking system: A small signal transmitter located in the car can send out signals to notify the authorities of the car's exact location.
  • Air pressure sensor: If the door and window sensors are overridden, the difference in air pressure when the door opens triggers this device, setting off an alarm.
  • Motion detectors: These are designed for use on tires or alloy rims on a vehicle. They are triggered when the inclination of the car changes.
  • Starter Kills: This enables the car owner to disable the engine when the owner is notified of any breach.
How do you decide the sensitivity for Avital Car Alarms?

How sensitive you need your security system to be will depend on a number of different factors. Avital Car alarm systems are fitted with various sensors and detectors. Shock radar is designed to pick up any form of impact that comes against your vehicle's body. To test the sensitivity, you can slap the windscreen after arming the system. This will enable you to adjust to a favorable sensitivity for your car depending on the environment.

How do Avital car alarms affect your car's battery?

Avital car alarms and security systems are designed to use the least car resources possible and to demand negligible amounts of battery power to secure your vehicle. Automobiles feature advanced computing systems and complex wiring. This leaves little to be consumed by third-party systems and security systems in general. Like all other car components, car security systems must use a power source to be able to keep your car safe, but manufacturers have reduced the resource consumption such that it uses little to no power from your car's battery on idle.

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