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Asian and Pacific Island Cultural and Ethnic Clothing

Asian and Pacific Island clothing can include cute traditional fashions for women, such as the Cheongsam, and menswear including obis and kimonos. Asian and Pacific nations can include Japan, Korea, China, and Polynesian islands including Hawaii and the South Pacific. Women's and men's traditional Asian fashion and Pacific styles are diverse, colorful, and feature many styles of dress.

Which types of Cheongsam dress is available?

You can find a Cheongsam or Cheongsam QiPao closely-fitted Chinese traditional dress with ornamental frog closures. A silk Cheongsam dress may be available, or a dress made of synthetic fibers. The Cheongsam can be embroidered with brilliant colors and patterns, including gold or silver threads. The Cheongsam has a Mandarin-style collar. Most Cheongsam are sleeveless, but some have short cap sleeves or longer sleeves.

What other Asian fashion dresses for women are there?

Choose from many cute Korean Hanbok with a short, chest-length jacket, called Jeoguri. A jeoguri can be worn with or without a bow over a flowing embroidered Chima dress. Look for Filipino barong Tagalog fashions made of cotton with a small fold-over collar, short sleeves, and embroidered button-front placket. Lao and Khmer fashions often feature elaborate prints, fitted waists, and straight skirts. Cute Hawaiian and Polynesian dresses including muu-muus and pareus are also available.

What types of men's Asian Pacific clothing is there?

Chinese men's shirts have frog closure styles similar to the Cheongsam. Find a Tang costume with a traditional lined silk jacket with frog closures. Long, loose fitted men's Chinese gowns may be worn at hip length or below the knee. Look for silk patterned Yukata and Japanese lightweight kimonos which may be worn loose or with a silk obi, or belt.

  • Filipino barong Tagalog shirts for men are lightweight embroidered shirts with mandarin collars.
  • A Korean Hanbok for men may include a long magoja jacket and a short jacket.
  • Hawaiian loincloths, or malo, which may be worn with an Aloha patterned short-sleeve shirt or Kihei fabric cloth shawls.
Which types of unisex Asian fashions are available?

Japanese kimonos may be worn by both men and women, while size, pattern, color, and details will vary. A Happi coat is a short kimono-style top often worn loose or with a silk cord belt. Both men and women often wear long Mandarin jackets. Loose lounge jackets made of silk, including embroidery, can be comfortable and stylish loungewear for men and women.

Are there vintage Asian fashions available?

Many types of vintage or collectible Asian fashions and Pacific island traditional ethnic clothing may be available. Some items may be pre-worn, while others have been hand-made or stored for years and never worn.