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Choosing Your Argon 18 Bike on eBay

Canadian bicycle manufacturer Argon 18 offers a wealth of valuable tools for competition. Whether you're looking for a track bike, a road bike, or a specialty build for triathlons, you're likely to find your ideal Argon 18 bike on eBay. Here's how to choose the right one for you.

Choosing a bike by discipline

One of the first things to narrow down in your search is what type of bicycle you want. Argon 18 offers several types of bicycles:

  • Track bikes - These highly aerodynamic bikes are lightweight and built for speed.
  • Triathlon bikes - Similar to track bikes, these bikes are optimized for triathletes.
  • Road bikes - These lightweight bikes are designed for road racing or recreational distance riding.
  • Commuter bikes - These bikes are designed for the commuter who values efficiency.
What common Argon 18 models can you find?

Since Argon 18 is known as a high-end bike manufacturer, all of its bikes are lightweight and of high-quality. While there are too many individual models to list, these are some of Argon 18's top-selling bikes you can find for sale at eBay:

  • Argon 18 Krypton - The Krypton is a unique road bike built to optimize both aerodynamics and comfort. It features a topological response system designed to maximize efficiency even on rougher roads.
  • Argon 18 Gallium - This bike is a slightly more affordable version of the Gallium Pro. It is meant for those on the path to becoming professional cyclists, and it's suited for both training and racing.
  • Argon 18 Nitrogen - This bike is a pro-grade race machine specially designed to handle well even on tight turns.
  • Argon 18 Gravel - This bike is meant for cyclocross and other situations where you may need to ride on gravel.
Buying new or buying used

Since high-end road bikes tend to be costly, buying Argon 18 bikes used is often a smart option. However, as you shop for a used Argon 18 bike on eBay, there are some things to look for so you can make a good choice for you.

  • Mileage - There's nothing inherently wrong with a road bike with a lot of miles, but this does add extra stress to the frame.
  • Modifications - Some used bikes have been modified or have improved components. Some may have Zipp wheels, upgraded derailleurs, etc.
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