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How to Purchase Apple iPhone 5 AT&T Smartphones

Looking for a new smartphone means selecting between a wide variety of devices. There are many factors that go into making a decision, ranging from price to brand to phone features. Apple offers the iPhone 5, a model known for its user-friendly, feature-packed options.

What Are Some Features of the iPhone 5?

Like other iPhones in the Apple line, the 5 model can sell you just on features alone. This smartphone was released in 2012 and is available in two versions: the regular 5 and the 5s.

  • The phone's multi-touch display spans four inches, and it has an LED-backlit screen with a 640 by 1136-pixel resolution. This means that images are detailed and colors are vibrant, and the glass display is protected by Gorilla Glass with a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.
  • Running a powerful dual-core 1.3 GHz processor, the iPhone 5 features the iOS 6 operating system, offering flawlessly smooth surfing and multitasking with ease. You can also upgrade the OS to the 10.3.3 version if you desire.
  • This feature-packed iPhone model has plenty to offer in the form of media and entertainment, including the Siri voice command assistant, a built-in photo editor, Wi-Fi compatibility, and a document editor. The device also plays MP3 audio, and iCloud compatibility offers plenty of storage for audio, photos, and videos.

What Does the Camera Have to Offer?

One of the most anticipated features of every iPhone is its camera, and the iPhone 5 doesn't disappoint. Budding photographers and experienced shutterbugs have plenty to enjoy when it comes to this mobile phone's camera.

  • The primary camera offers an 8 MP, high-definition resolution that shoots video in HD as well.
  • The phone offers autofocus, or you can simply touch the image to focus specific portions (like faces), though the phone's face detection quickly and easily helps to make subjects as clear as possible.
  • The camera uses an LED flash and can also take panoramic photos.

What Does Having an AT&T Phone Mean?

iPhone AT&T phones have specific restrictions, so if you're already on the AT&T network or are looking to get on the AT&T network, it shouldn't be an issue. An iPhone associated with AT&T means there are a few considerations to make.

  • If a phone is locked, that means you can only use it via the AT&T network.
  • When you purchase an iPhone that is unlocked, that means the phone is not under contract, and you can use an unlocked phone with any carrier, including Sprint or T-Mobile as well as AT&T.
  • For unlocked phones, simply insert the SIM card of your choice into the phone to activate it using either existing service or new service.

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