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Apple Vintage Computer Parts and Accessories

Apple Vintage Computer Parts and Accessories

Apple is one of the largest computer, tablet, and smartphone manufacturers in the world. Apple was created in 1976 in the garage of one of the founding members. Search through this selection of parts to find accessories for your vintage Apple computer.

What types of vintage Apple computer replacement parts are available?

There are a few different parts you might need to get your old Apple machine up and running. Here are some of the most common vintage Apple components:

  • Mice: While the first few products made by this California company were only operated using text input, the Apple Macintosh was the first home computer to ever feature a visual interface. To make this interface work, the Macintosh included a device that most home computing enthusiasts had never seen before: the computer mouse.
  • Keyboards: Keyboards are used to input text into the operating system. These devices have been used since the earliest days of computing, and they feature a structure that is highly similar to typewriter keyboards. While keyboards usually use silicone domes to record keystrokes, older keyboards are mechanical.
  • Monitors: Originally, these visual representations of software operations only showed lines of code or text. From the advent of the Macintosh onward, however, monitors became capable of representing more and more sophisticated images.
  • Motherboards: You will need a motherboard if you want to get your old machine back online. These chips route all of the functions of a computing system from one central location.
  • Power supplies: Each model of Apple device will need a different power supply. These parts convert 120V AC power from your wall into a form of electricity that can be used by your device.
  • Hard drives: Over time, floppy disks were replaced by hard drives. These devices are installed inside your machine, and they are capable of holding much more data than a single floppy disk.
What types of optional accessories are available?
  • Memory cards: Memory cards can be used to increase the operating speed of your device. The capacity of these parts has increased thousands of times over since the 80s and 90s, but a memory card with a capacity of one or two megabytes will be enough to operate your antiquated machine.
  • Printers: These devices can only be used with a special type of paper.
  • Speech synthesizers: These specialized devices allowed early users of Apple machines to transform the text displayed on their screens into a synthesized voice.
How do you read a floppy disk?

In days past, square floppy disks carried all of the information used in computing software. You will need a special external device called a floppy drive to read these antiquated data devices.

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