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What to Consider When Buying iPhone 5 Cases

A case is a great way to express your personality and protect your iPhone 5 at the same time. Cover shapes and functionality not only provide decor for this technological tool but also offer useful accessories like credit card slots, pop-out buttons, and waterproof case technology. Here are some things to consider when buying a pre-owned or used iPhone 5 case on eBay.

What design options are available?

Many cases offer whimsical or stylistic designs. iPhone 5 cases can be patterned, glossy, jeweled, or pictorial. They can have hard or soft plastic covers, fabric, or even wood construction. You can find many design motifs from pretty to dark to funny iPhone 5 cases on eBay. The pictures can be from comedy TV shows, movies, animated films or animals, memes, and other pop culture icons.

Designer cases

Additionally, you can also purchase cool iPhone 5s cases on eBay to add to your collection. Fans of designer items may lean toward an Apple leather case designed by Gucci, YSL, or Michael Kors. Some models are designed to match specific purse styles in the way a wallet will match a purse. If protection is not the main issue, then you can use the more expressive skins to add even more style to your 5s back cover collection.

Choosing from functional iPhone 5 covers

You can also focus on function when purchasing iPhone 5 cases from eBay. For example, if you view many videos per week, you may wish to purchase a kickstand case that will prop the iPhone to help relieve neck and hand pain. Kid-proof cases will have extra waterproofing and shockproofing. If you live in a rainy environment or work outside for a living, you can also get a waterproof cover for your Apple iPhone. If you spend days traveling with your iPhone between charging opportunities, you may wish to buy an iPhone 5 case that includes a battery charging case. These iPhone 5 cases on eBay can charge your phone with corded, wireless, or solar-powered recharge capabilities. Those who don't want to carry a wallet can use cases with foldover covers that have room for an ID and credit card. Wrist straps allow you to keep your phone close but your hands free or provide an extra layer of protection against dropping it. Cases are also available that offer specialized lens covers to make your camera lens into a zoom or wide-lens camera.

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