Antique Dressers & Vanities (1900-1950)

Antique Dressers and Vanities

Vintage and antique furniture, like dressers and vanities, are loved by collectors and the average homeowner due to the style that they add to the home. Dressers and vanities are also extremely functional. Many prefer these antiques due to the fact that they are usually well-built from high-quality woods, including oak.

What are the differences between dressers and vanities?

Dressers and vanities are both used for storage. However, they are designed to store different things:

  • Dressers: These antique pieces of furniture are designed to store mainly clothing and personal items.
  • Vanities: These are types of dressers that often include a mirror and chair. People often use them to dress themselves or sit down and apply skincare and makeup.
What are the benefits to buying antique furniture?

Antique oak vanities and dressers have a number of benefits that make them a perfect fit for many bedrooms:

  • Trends: Antique oak dressers and oak vanities are always trendy. In fact, many homeowners like to add an antique vanity or dresser to their interior decor as an accent piece.
  • Craftsmanship: Antique and vintage dressers and vanities are all made by hand using interlocking technologies to keep the piece together.
  • Durability: Oak dressers and oak vanities are known to be extremely durable. Because oak is dense and heavy, a dresser or vanity made from this wood are likely to last decades.
  • Unique hardware: Many antique oak dressers and vanities come with stylized glass, brass, or ceramic hardware that adds a unique touch to your anterior decor. In some cases, the oak dresser or vanity may even come with its original hardware.
What styles of antique dressers and vanities are there?

Although there are many styles of antique oak vanities and oak dressers, some are more commonly found than others:

  • Queen Anne: Queen Anne dressers were made in the early 1700s. These oak dressers are known to have gracefully carved frames. Vanities generally had one row of drawers and a large oval mirror.
  • Chippendale: Chippendale vanities have a portable mirror that can be placed on top. Antique oak dressers were also known for having ornate carved decorations down the legs and ball-in-claw feet.
  • Victorian: Victorian furniture have scalloped edges that add a sense of luxury in the bedroom. The chairs tend to have rich, plush upholstery for comfort.
  • Art Deco: Art Deco dressers and vanities were introduced in the 1920s in Paris. They generally have geometric features. A variety of materials are used in these pieces, including oak, stainless steel, Bakelite, and aluminum.